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9 Inbound Marketing Techniques That Get Results

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9 Inbound Marketing Techniques That Get Results

The entire point of inbound marketing is to attract, engage and delight your audience to create more customers with a bigger lifetime value.

The lifetime value of one customer is equal to the amount of each product in your product funnel. Some of your customers will end up buying everything you have and some will not. So, you can use analytics to come up with the average lifetime value of your customers, to see how close they are to what could be if everything went perfectly.

These techniques for social media marketing and digital marketing may help you improve your customer lifetime value:


1. Give Away Something of Value

You’ve heard it called a freebie, a lead magnet, an ethical bribe or perhaps an entry level product or service. It can be a free trial for video software, or a checklist. It doesn’t have to be a big deal; it just needs to solve a problem immediately. Alternatively you can give away ebooks, that are informative and does not cost much.


lead geneartion, facebook marketing, facebook videos, facebook ads, copywriting, content writing, checklists, content, seo,sem,content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, mobile marketing, keyword research2. Mind SEO but Put People First

Page titles, header tags, keywords – these are all important, but speaking directly to your audience is more important. Some very successful online business owners really don’t care much about SEO, and due to that when Google and other search engines change their algorithm they’re not affected in a bad way. This is because when you seek to please your audience first, you’re already a winner.


3. Ensure That You Have a Working Marketing Funnel

Sometimes this is called a purchasing funnel. All it means is that you’ve created a model that shows the path of your audience through the buying cycle. You should have a product that addresses each need throughout that buying cycle along with an email list, email marketing content, and appropriate calls to action to go with it.


4. Build Brand Awareness

Getting known as an expert in your field is a great way to build your brand’s awareness and expand your reach. Use social media; go to live events; write a book. Get known as a consistent brand throughout the online and offline world.


5. Host Webinars

One of the best inbound marketing ideas to come to pass in a long time is webinars. You can host a webinar with a webcam, a mic, and a platform like Facebook Live, YouTube Live. And if you are looking for a professional yet affordable video converter that works with most formats, try VIP Video Converter.


video, live streaming, facebook marketing, facebook videos, facebook ads, copywriting, content writing, checklists, content, seo,sem,content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, , mobile marketing, keyword research6. Go Live on Facebook for a Q & A

One way to host something live is a simple Q & A. No planning really has to be made for this event. Just give your audience a couple days warning, collect questions in advance, have some that you can answer, and then let people ask questions live during the event.


7. Use Well Made and Proven Lead Generation Software

While it’s true that you can cobble together a decent sales page and leads using your regular website, you should look into some lead generation software such as Leadpages.net, InstaBuilder.com, or Instapage.com. (in that order)


8. Spread Yourself Around

You want to get known, so a good idea is to guest blog, write articles on LinkedIn, share everything you post on your website to social media, and get interviewed by others in the industry.


customer testimonial, digital marketing, social media maketing9. Create Amazing Products

This is probably the most important element except that if you do this and then don’t tell anyone, no one will know. But, if you are known for creating amazing products, word will get around.



There you have it 9 tips to get you back on track with inbound marketing. In case you are selling products or services to businesses (B2B) and doing marketing for that, you are not left out. Check out this amazing resource by tenfold.com on 4 Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategies.


When you practice tried-and-true marketing techniques that are known to get results, you can’t help but win. People like working with people who are transparent, honest and have a good reputation. The better you can build that perception, the more successful you’ll become using inbound marketing techniques.


Do you have any good inbound marketing tip to share? Feel free to share here.



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How to turn your website into a lead generation machine 1



Almost every business has a website nowadays. The problem is how to attract website traffic. If your website has massive traffic, you have a better chance of educating your website visitors on why they need your product (or service), increasing their interest in you and turning them into sales lead generation for your business.


We’ve come up with some ideas that you may use to increase website traffic and turn your website into a profitable lead generating machine working 24 x 7 for you:


1.Add Multiple and Relevant Call-to-Action (CTA)s

Having only one CTA on the page in the form of a sign-up form is not enough to cater to website traffic. You need to put CTAs wherever your audience is looking. Under blog posts, under your about page content, above the fold on the landing pages, and homepage – all are great ways to improve your conversion rates and turn your website into a lead generation machine. One valuable point to consider before promoting your website though, is to enhance your website with a free tool that gives good results, such as Theme Matcher.


2 Add a Timed and Relevant Slide or Pop-Up

There is a love-hate relationship with pop-ups for most marketers. The problem is, they do work. Therefore, putting a timed slide from the bottom, or an exit pop-up, or both, can help encourage your site visitors to sign up for your newsletters or get a relevant lead magnet.


3.Change What’s Not Working

Before you change one thing on your site, do an audit. Find out what your conversion rates are for each page on your site. For the pages that have poor conversions, change them up to make them better. Often the problem is poor targeting; sometimes it’s just not having a CTA at all. Fix what is not working so that your website traffic can increase and your website becomes a lead generation machine.


lead generation, website traffic, internet marketing, social media, digital marketing

4. Use Analytics and online adervtising

Use Google Analytics to its full potential by considering hiring someone to help you use it right. The ways you can use it are so advanced that you really do need someone who is well versed in how to use it so that you can get the most from it. Connect analytics to your website, your autoresponder, use tracking links and more for the best results. Besides Google analytics, use online advertising such as Google Ad (formerly known as Google Adwords) to generate even more website traffic. You can easily learn how to run Google ads yourself or tap on short courses and tools on the internet, one such tool is PPC Academy, which helps you learn how to run successful online advertisement campaigns to drive massive traffic to your website without spending a bomb.


5. Use a Heatmap Tool

This type of tool enables you to actually find out exactly what your audience is looking at and clicking on when they come to your site. This can help you improve navigation tremendously.


6. Sales Management Tool

Even if your website is a lean mean lead generating machine, you need an effective sales management and automation tool. A funnel system is one useful sales automation tool that leads your website visitor deeper and deeper down the purchase process, from awareness, indoctrination, consideration to purchase. The best part is, everything is automated and triggered by web visitor behaviour. 


There you have it. Some simple steps to get started on. What’s your top tip for generating website traffic and leads? Do feel free to share with us and hop over to part 2 of this post for more tips on turning your website into a lead generating machine.


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How to Discover What Videos Your Audience Prefers

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How to Discover What Type of Videos Your Audience Prefers (and Make Them Take Action)
There are a number of ways to offer your audience the kind of videos they prefer. The easiest way to discover what they want is to ask them.

Use Your Email Marketing List

Survey your email marketing lists. Also let them know when you have published a new video. Don’t just send them over to YouTube; embed your YouTube videos in your web pages or blog post. Then track your traffic to see which video pages are the most popular.

Create a Video Hub Page to Link to Your Videos

If you have a website, create a central page that links to all your videos. If you are running a blog, create a video category and put all your videos in that category.

The right video tools is also crucial to our video making success.

And you can easily make your videos look professional with an affordable software, VIP video converter.

Then all they have to do is click on the category link to see all the videos available. Track the traffic to see which are the most popular.


Check Your YouTube Statistics

Look at your view statistics in your analytics section to see which videos get the most views, likes, dislikes and comments. Make note of these and create more of the same kind of content.

Put Your Niche First

Think about what it was like when you were first starting out in your niche or industry. What kinds of things do you wish had known back then that you know now? Beginner’s how-to content is ideal because you don’t need to be an expert in order to produce interesting videos for your target audience. It’s just a question of the kinds of formats you need to deliver them in.

Choose the Right Format

There are a number of different formats which will work well for most audiences. These include:

* “How to” videos
* Screen capture videos
* Product demonstrations
* Reviews and testimonials
* Entertaining infomercials
* Webinars and other educational videos

How to and screen capture videos are very useful for step-by-step instructions that can be demonstrated visually. In this case, a video can be worth tens of thousands of words and capture the essence of what needs to be done in a way no book or training manual ever could.

Product demonstrations not only show the item to be purchased in action, but also give a clear idea of how the product can improve their lives once they buy it. Seeing is believing.

Reviews and testimonials can highlight the product and show it in action. These are also more credible for your audience if they are created by real users. This type of “social proof” can make people confident that they are making the right choice when responding to your call to action and buying the product.

Entertaining infomercials will work in a similar way. Use them to highlight the products and services you are trying to sell in a way that is interesting and informative. As with all marketing, mention key features, but also make the benefits of the product clear.

For example, car manufacturers always mention the leather seats, but what is the benefit? Are they more durable, easier to clean, more stylish? The truth is they will be all three, but which is most important to your audience? A single man buying a sports car will likely be interested in the style, while a soccer mom will be interested in durability and ease of cleaning.

Webinars, TED talks and other educational videos are soaring in popularity. If your subject lends itself to more of a lecture format, video is the perfect medium. The content should be valuable enough so they feel they have not wasted their time watching it, and stimulating enough to get them to take the next step and perform your call to action. This might be to register for a free ecourse or get a free download so you can put them on your email marketing list, or to “buy now”.

Poll your customers, track your traffic, and assess the needs of your particular niche, then see what a difference videos can make to your marketing success.


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Choosing the Right Video for Your Goal

facebook marketing, facebook videos, facebook ads, copywriting, content writing, checklists, content, seo,sem,content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, , mobile marketing, keyword research



Choosing the Right Video Type for Your Goal
There are a number of different types of video to choose from. Matching the right type to your subject matter and the needs of your audience can make all the difference between success and failure.


The right video tools is also crucial to our video making success.

And you can easily make your videos look professional with an affordable software, VIP video converter.


Setting Your Goal

Whenever you decide to make a video, be clear about what goal you wish to accomplish. Once you have set your goal, you can choose the format.

Why a Video?

Decide upon a video versus other format based on what you wish to accomplish. For example, you could write a blog post or create a vlog post – especially if you wanted to show your audience what you are talking about.

It is also important to note that around 70% of the population are visual learners, which means that even if the content is exactly the same in the blog and the vlog, the vlog will have more impact as long as it is accompanied by useful supporting visuals.

Types of Videos

Once you set your goal and have determined that video is the best medium to use, decide on the format of the video. It could be a:

* Product demonstration
* Screen capture video
* Webinar
* Review or testimonial
* Entertainment video
* Educational video

…and so on.

Video Demos

Seeing is believing, so a video demonstration of how a product works is ideal. Think of the infomercials you see on TV and you will understand the power of a demo video.

Screen Capture

Similarly, screen capture videos, such as those created using Camtasia, can demonstrate software in a way that no description ever can. This type of video is also ideal for teaching people how to do certain skills on the computer, such as create a great PowerPoint presentation.

podcastWebinars / Online Lessons and Courses

A webinar can educate, entertain and drive sales as the audience makes a purchase related to the topic of the webinar in order to learn more. These videos are easy to create using PowerPoint. You can get as much as possible of the content pre-organized and pre-recorded, so all you have to do live during each webinar is the introduction and conclusion, and answer any questions from the audience.

Online lessons and courses give you the chance to build an audience as people start to follow your video series.

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are always popular because they help people make smart decisions about what to buy. They might demonstrate the product, and/or show the wonderful results they have gotten from the product and how it has transformed their lives or their business.

These days, “unboxing” videos are very popular, in which video makers actually open a package from Amazon or wherever and go through the whole process of opening the box, taking the item out, and starting to use it. They might also unbox for monthly subscriptions like Loot Crate or Geek Fuel to show off the wonderful goodies they are getting in each month’s surprise package.


Unboxing is like a product review, but it can also be entertaining. So too can infomercials, original content such as comedy programs, and so on.

Educational Videos

Online education is booming, as are videos. Put the two together and you have a powerful recipe for marketing your business and boosting sales. Lectures, interviews, and TED talks are all growing in popularity. Why write a book when you can share what you know via video?

These are just a few of the top video formats. The only other issue is style – funny, serious, live versus prepared PowerPoint slides, and so on.

Match your goal to video format and style, and see how much you can grow your business.


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8 Ways Videos Can Drive Traffic Away

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Videos are booming in popularity online, so many business owners can be forgiven for thinking that videos could be a great way to drive traffic to their website. However, there are a number of reasons why videos can actually drive traffic from a website without the site owner even realizing it. Here are some of the main reasons, and what you can do about them.

* Poor quality video
* People looking miserably uncomfortable on camera
* Poor content
* Poor user experience
* Poor match
* Too much hype
* Too boring
* Recommended videos sections

Poor Quality Video

If you are going to make a video, you need to make sure that the content is of a reasonably high quality. You need to buy a good camera or webcam and a decent microphone. The audio quality must be good enough for people to hear it easily. You need to check your sound and lighting to make sure the user is having an optimum experience. Videos that look too “homemade” are not likely to impress your prospective customers.


The right video tools is also crucial to our video making success.

And you can easily make your videos look professional with an affordable software, VIP video converter.


People Looking Uncomfortable on Camera

A lot of people are shy and self-conscious. They want to use video to market their business, but look nervous and their delivery shows. Solution: Use PowerPoint slides about your product, with images of it, and add a voiceover.


Poor Content

This refers to what you actually put into the video. Script the video in advance to make sure that it covers all the points you wish, and is of sufficient interest for people to want to stay until the end rather than click away from your website.

Poor User Experience

A poor user experience can be defined as the video not playing back well. This can often happen if you try to play the video directly from your website rather than from a quality streaming service such as YouTube or Dailymotion. Video files are extremely large and often pop, jump or skip as they play. They can also play very slowly and the sound can be compromised as a result.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it will make matters worse. To give the best user experience, upload to your video to YouTube and then embed your video at your site.

Poor Match

Poor match refers to the content or style of the video not being suitable to the topic of the video or to your business. For example, if you are a serious software company selling extremely expensive products to corporations, videos that look homemade will not be effective. The mismatch will cause people to click out and look for other solutions.

Too Much Hype

There’s nothing more annoying than commercials where the person builds up the product without offering any real information. There’s no need to shout and scream to sell well. Focus on your customers and how your product helps your users.

Too BoringCapture

Some videos can have too little hype and just end up boring. They can also be long-winded, with poor visuals and a dull script or presentation style. For example, if you are doing video interviews, try to make sure you don’t just have “talking heads”. Break up the back and forth between the two or more people at the interview with some high quality supporting visuals.

YouTube is great for embedding your videos to your site, but one feature that might drive traffic away is the recommended videos thumbnails at the end of each video. In some cases this can be a good thing, because it might recommend more of your videos. On the other hand, they might be videos produced by other people, in which case you will be losing traffic.

The best ways to overcome this is to do the following for each video you create:

* Create playlists based on themes
* Use end screens
* Use cards


The right video tools is also crucial to our video making success.

And you can easily make your videos look professional with an affordable software, VIP video converter.


Use these tips to ensure that your videos continue to drive traffic to your site.


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Why you should start using Live videos in 2018

inbound marketing,social media marketing, digital marketing,video, live streaming, facebook marketing, facebook videos, facebook ads, copywriting, content writing, checklists, content, seo,sem,content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, , mobile marketing, keyword research




Videos are booming in popularity online, so many businesses have started leveraging it to drive traffic to their websites. The right videos can drive traffic, the wrong videos can also drive traffic (away from your site).


The right video tools is also crucial to our video making success.

And you can easily make your videos look professional with an affordable software, VIP video converter.


Consumers have a love-hate relationship with videos, While there are a number of reasons why videos can actually drive traffic from a website without the site owner even realizing (you can read more here); that’s not our focus in this article.

In this article, we’re focusing on how to keep your videos aLIVE on social media. Hint, go LIVE – via streaming! Live video streaming is not only an engaging way to connect with your followers, it can also help grow your audience. The best part, it becomes part of a fun AND interactive customer experience.

Read on and find out how and why you can keep your brands a(live) via live videos on social and especially in facebook Live video. Plus why we’re sure you’ll love facebook Live videos as much as us.


  1. You can convey information about your products or services in real time. This would be good for special events or new launches. Sure you could run boosted posts on your social media platforms with high quality creatives or display ads on Google or even you-tube. But wouldn’t it be better with a Live ‘show-and-tell’ session? Furthermore, with Live video, you can build up the excitement and hype by integrating with your usual boosted posts and display ads, ‘counting down’ to launch date.



2. You can directly know the sort of content your audience enjoys and engages with the most, through a Live video session, as it is real time. As the video streams, likes, will come in as and when your audience sees it and likes it. Nothing beats such Live analytics and insights.

video, live sreaming

3. Besides you being able to see comments from your audience, your audience will be able to see commentary from other consumers or viewers as well. This provides not just another referral source. This provides a powerful source of referral as it is real time, unedited, unaudited.

4. We all know that videos have fast become the main source of content. If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine how much more a video can tell, within a very short time span. In this social and digital age, we’re talking about typically between 1 to 3 seconds. Video content is visually appealing, easy to digest and recall. Suffice for us to mention here is that 500 million facebook users view facebook videos daily. If you need more compelling evidence about the power of facebook videos, don’t take our word for it, check out the statistics at MediaKix.



If your digital marketing team is not using videos as one of your outreach arsenal, it is time to rethink your social media strategies. Another compelling point is to consider that organic reach is slowly being taken over by paid reach in social. Videos provide an effective and viable option for marketers to gain more reach in this competitive information landscape.


With all the above in mind, isn’t it time your brand tap on the potential benefits of Live video streaming and go Live on social?

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How Your Content can have 9 lives!

content, marketing, video, webinar, social media marketing, digital marketing,podcast, webinar, social media marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, marketing, content

How Your Content can have 9 lives!


Racking your brains constantly in coming up with new content for your business marketing?

Running out of ideas for your website content, digital marketing or social media marketing?

Fret not, help is here: Everything Old Can be made new again, via various formats such as videos, webinars, podcasts.

Check out our 9 tips on how your content can have 9 lives.


Repurposing content is one of the best ways to produce high-quality content consistently without taking up too much time each month or paying a fortune for writers and bloggers.


Here are 9 ways you can transform your old piece of content into an all-new, exciting format.



checklists, content, seo,sem,content marketing, social media marketing

1. Check lists 

Take how-to articles and transform them into handy checklists with foolproof instructions for your readers.Readers love checklists because they make their lives easier.



faq,q&a, seo, sem, content marketing, social media makreitng

2. FAQ

This is another really popular format. It’s particularly useful for beginners in your niche or industry, to help them master the basics.


3. e-Course

Think about the most pressing problems a person in your niche or industry faces. Then put together a free or paid special report or course based on that issue.

You can use old blog posts, with each post a chapter in your report, or a lesson in your ecourse.

Add relevant images, video and audio and you will be able to transform even the most basic content into something your subscribers and site visitors won’t want to miss out on.


email, email marketing, content markeitng, social media marketing, seo, sem4. Emails

Don’t reinvent the wheel. New people will be coming and going at your website and your email marketing list all the time. Chances are they won’t see all of your content, and even if they did, they probably won’t remember it from three to six months previously. While Google will penalize sites with duplicate content, search engines can’t see your emails.



5. Presentations

It’s easy to turn an article into an interesting PowerPoint presentation. Turn the full sentences into bullets and add some supporting images, and you have an exciting deck you can share at SlideShare.net and LinkedIn, and embed into your own website for your visitors to see.

The right video tools is also crucial to our video making success.

And you can easily make your videos look professional with an affordable software, VIP video converter.


video, live sreaming6. Videos

Once you’ve created your deck, add transitions and timings to the slides and save as an MP4. You will then get a video you can share on YouTube. Embed the video code on your own website, share the video on Facebook.


And you can easily make your videos look professional with an affordable software, VIP video converter.

And make your videos look professional with an affordable software, VIP video converter.


7. Video Script

If you want to film a video yourself rather than use your deck, use your article as a script of what to say as you are filming. And while you are making videos, it is important to use a tool that gives you professional quality at low price, make your videos look professional with an affordable software, VIP video converter.


video, video marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, seo, sem8. Webinars

Webinars are becoming increasingly popular online as a way to inform, educate and entertain. It usually involves demonstrating and then selling a product or service online.

A lot of people who might be shy about appearing in front of the camera are more than happy to give webinars behind the screen of their decks. Pre-record as much of your webinar as possible and then see what a difference webinars can make to your profits.


podcast, webinar, social media marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, marketing, content9. Podcasts

You can create a podcast from your existing content to tap into a whole new audience online. In most cases, you won’t even have to change a word. Record the podcast and upload it to an MP3 sharing site like SoundCloud. Copy and paste the link to the MP3 onto your article page.

Now your visitors have two choices as to how they can consume the content. Tell people about your podcasts and you should soon have regular listeners.


There you have it! 9 easy ways to ‘recycle’ your content over and over again.

Nonetheless, in doing this, do ensure that your content should still be relevant in the current context.


Over to you: How are you solving your content generation problems?

Feel free to share with us!


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Stop your Facebook Advertising until you read this book!


One out of every five minutes that people in the US are on their mobile devices is spent on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook ads are so effective because they easily capture the attention of the people you are targeting, so you can yield a great return on your investment (ROI).
Whatever business you are in, from affiliate, direct marketing, e-commerce to small medium business; facebook advertising can help increase your sales by 100%, at an affordable cost, if done correctly.

Start learning how to effectively use facebook advertising to grow your sales today.



Are you a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur? You’ve come to the best marketing advice for bootstrap businesses.

With billions of active users on social media every day, social media marketing is vital to reach out to your potential customers. Nonetheless, many business owners have poured out time and money on facebook advertising without getting the desired results.

The social media landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, setting up a social media marketing strategy can be daunting. This book will share practical steps which you can put to practice immediately that will make a real, visible difference to your brand.

With above 10 years marketing experience helping small businesses and corporate enterprises, I am able to take you from strategy to practical execution. My aim is to share my knowledge in a simple, fluff-free manner, so you can put into practice immediately. With my books, you’ll learn the basics, tips and tricks easily and in no time, be creating your own profitable social media campaigns. You can learn more about digital marketing, at https://fluxxcomm.com/blog.

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Top 8 Tools to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Goldmine


website marketing, lead generation, internet marketing


Your website is so much more than a brochure describing your business. It is literally a goldmine waiting to happen. But, you have to set it up correctly.  You need plenty of calls to action and reasons to give people to want to be connected to you, buy your information or products, and even promote you. It all starts with your website.

We’ve compiled a list of must haves if you want your website to be a lead generation powerhouse, check them out here:


1. Lead Generation Software – Software like Leadpages.net, Instapage.com, and InstaBuilder.com are all good examples of lead generation software that can help you turn your sales pages into automated lead generation machines.

2. Autoresponder – You also need an autoresponder such as AWeber.com, GetResponse.com, Getdrip.com or ConvertKit.com to help you capture the leads that the awesome sales pages you create with the lead generation software garners you. This enables you to send automated messages and mass messages to those who are on your lists.

3. A Well-Made Website – There is a lot of discussion about what encompasses a really well-made website. But today, using tools like self-hosted WordPress (http://www.wordpress.org/) is a great option. Even web designers are using the platform to build amazing websites that work for everything – from blogging sites, to a full e-commerce site with the entire litany of bells and whistles.


One valuable point to consider before promoting your website though, is to enhance your website with a free tool that gives good results, such as Theme Matcher.




4. Analytics – It’s really important to gather the intelligence necessary to keep attracting your audience and keep them coming back to your website. One way to do that is to check your numbers and work by the numbers. The data will show you what is working and what is not working, and will help guide you toward more success.

5. Awesome Content – That’s right, content is a tool for you to use to engage, entertain, educate and delight your audience, but it’s also a tool to use to attract traffic from search engines for your website. The content you create should be highly targeted information for your audience only. It should provide just the right information to show that you’re the one to provide them with what they need in that niche. Check out this link: http://www.allcustomcontent.com/

6. Targeted Lead Magnets – A lead magnet is usually a freebie that you create to give to leads to turn them into prospects. It’s a tried-and-true method of engaging with people to make them lifelong customers and fans of your business. It can be something super-simple like a checklist or a short report. As long as it’s targeted based on your audience, it will work.

7. A Solid Social Media Presence – You’ll need someplace to promote your content to help drive traffic. One way to do that is via social media. Thankfully, there are awesome tools that you can use to automate a lot of your social media marketing efforts. Tools like Hootsuite.com help get the word out.

8. A Product People Want – That’s right; you need to offer to your audience something they need and want. If you can define the problem and then present the solutions to the audience in such a way that they realize they want this and have always wanted it, you’ll be that much more successful.

Your website is just sitting there anyway. You may as well add these tools to your arsenal since they work. Once you have your website and all the infrastructure surrounding it set up, you’ll start collecting more leads – faster than you ever thought you could.

How to turn your website into a lead generation machine 2


lead generation, website, internet marketing, social media, digital marketing


In the last post, we’ve explored some ways of getting more traffic to your website and generating more leads. In case you missed it, you can read part 1 of this blog post here.

If your website isn’t generating leads for you, then you’re not doing it right. A website is supposed to be like your storefront on the web. In some cases, if you have solely an online business it is your storefront. Here, we share some more tips on how to drive massive website traffic to your website and generate more leads.


1.Consider promoting your website

Once you have your content, don’t forget to promote your website. There are a variety of ways to do it. One way you can do so is via traffic generating platforms, such as Growtraffic.com. It offers an affordable way of bringing traffic to your website without heavy costs. Another way of promoting your website is to use pay-per-click advertising (ppc), on search engine such as Google. Social media is also a good platform to increase your website traffic, for example, facebook traffic. Need some help in online advertising and ppc? Check out PPC academy here.

One valuable point to consider before promoting your website though, is to enhance your website with a free tool that gives good results, such as Theme Matcher.



2. Add In Live Chat

Sometimes people just want an answer immediately; you can provide that with properly trained live chat customer personnel a lot less expensively than you may think. Zoho.com offers software to enable you to offer live chat relatively inexpensively.

live chat


3. Give Away Relevant Lead Magnets

Double check to ensure your lead magnets are relevant to your audience. You can actually offer more than one lead magnet depending on the content that your audience is reading at the time. This proves to offer huge results. For example, if your audience is reading a blog post about journaling, you could offer a free journal template for MS Word as a lead magnet. It really is that simple.


4. Add More Testimonials

People love reading testimonials from others who have used your products or services. Try to make it part of your follow-up to receive them. When you get a new customer, set up an automatic survey to be sent after they’ve had enough time to sample your products and services and ask for the testimonial.

* Add Case Studies – Another way to get people interested in your offerings is to create case studies. You can write them up or you can do interviews with successful people who have used your products and services, or a similar method.

* Use Multiple Forms of Content – Everyone learns and digests information differently. Therefore, having content in many forms such as text, video, images, graphics, and so forth will help everyone learn about what you can do for them in a way that they understand.

customer testimonial, digital marketing, social media maketing


5 Test Everything

When you create a new landing page, a sales page, a freebie or something else that needs to bring traffic or convert traffic, always double check that your assumptions are correct by testing. If you do split testing (meaning to offer two different versions of it), you’ll be able to improve and get better results over time. Finally, always ensure that your website works across all platforms. Not only should people be able to read what you’re offering, they should have no issues with buying right from their smartphone. Mobile website traffic is as important, if not, more important than desktop website traffic, with everyone going mobile and owning smartphones nowadays.


What other tips do you have for driving website traffic? Or what are your struggles? We’d love to hear from you. If you missed the first instalment of this post, hop over here to read it.


Looking for additional resources to increase your website traffic and generate more sales leads?

Our brand new ebook on SALE now 51 Winning Website Ideas packed with tips and tools to attract relevant and targeted website traffic to your website which will turn into sales lead generation. 

Click here to access this special ebook offer>> 


For help in content marketing, feel free to drop us an email at info@fluxxcomm.com.

Or check out our other resources here.


We’d love to hear from you and for more digital marketing tips, connect with us on these platforms:

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How to Use Instagram Insights (in 9 Easy Steps)


It’s no secret that we love knowledge.

How to Get Email Addresses for Email Marketing


Email is an unbelievable advertising and marketing device with its widespread attain and talent to personally join with prospects. Fortunately, there are many simple methods to acquire electronic mail addresses so that you simply reap the advantages of an electronic mail advertising and marketing marketing campaign.

Email is an unbelievable digital advertising and marketing device. With its widespread attain and viral potential, it permits what you are promoting to join with prospects in ways in which no different advertising and marketing medium can.

But first you want a listing of subscribers to ship emails to. Whether you lack the time or the know-how to create high quality emails, there are many challenges that may stop you from growing a wholesome electronic mail checklist.

Fortunately, there are many simple methods to acquire electronic mail addresses so that you simply reap the advantages of electronic mail advertising and marketing. We’ve gathered the very best electronic mail checklist constructing ways to develop subscribers on this information. They are grouped under to make it easier to:

Collect extra emails addresses by way of present relationships

One of the best locations to get began is by connecting with present associates, colleagues, and any subscribers you’ve already. Not solely is that this an excellent place to begin for those who’re ranging from scratch, however this could additionally really feel the least scary. All you’ve to do is ask!

Before you attain out to folks, there are a number of finest practices it is best to be mindful:

  • Message folks you’ve a relationship with. That random Facebook particular person you don’t keep in mind assembly most likely isn’t the very best match.
  • Use WIIFM (What’s in it for me?”). Every time you message somebody, ensure that to inform them how your content, — whether or not it’s a publication, electronic mail course, case examine, or one thing else solely — will profit them or their good friend.
  • Be your self. Tell your story, share your emotions, be susceptible and actual. People will subscribe and share your join kind as a result of they need to assist YOU.

1. Ask associates, household, and colleagues 

One of the best advertising and marketing methods to execute is to ask your present connections to be a part of your checklist. Leveraging your community is an effective way to steadily enhance your electronic mail checklist, and sometimes the very best place to achieve traction, particularly at first.

Although a few of your connections is probably not within the materials themselves, they could know somebody who’s. Tell them you’re beginning an electronic mail checklist. Explain the advantages and ask them in the event that they know somebody who can be concerned about your focus areas(s).

Clearly articulate your objective and the advantages. 

When it comes time to ship an electronic mail, keep away from speaking like a robotic. Talk such as you do in actual life — it can assist your prospects relate to you higher. 

Email templates are an important place to begin, however make certain to tailor it primarily based in your relationship to the particular person and the way you’re asking. Depending on the place a dialog is going on, folks talk very in another way. When you textual content somebody, you need to be extra informal than in an electronic mail. If you’re speaking to somebody in particular person, you shouldn’t be studying from a script you wrote beforehand.

2. Ask prospects and prospects 

When present and potential prospects purchase one thing from you or join with you, verbally ask in the event that they’d like to join for your electronic mail or publication. To entice them, you’ll be able to present one thing that might immediately profit them like a free book or kickoff template. 

Grow your electronic mail checklist by asking prospects you’re already talking with on the cellphone. Tell them about what they will count on out of your emails. It solely takes a number of seconds to jot down an electronic mail handle. If you make “the big ask” 5 occasions a day for one work week, that’s 25 electronic mail addresses you didn’t have earlier than you began, and 100 electronic mail addresses in only one month!

3. Capture emails out of your electronic mail signature/closing

How many individuals do you contact personally through electronic mail daily? These contacts won’t be on what you are promoting electronic mail checklist but, however that doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t counsel that they join to obtain your electronic mail publication.Include a quick call-to-action and hyperlink to a kind or landing page in your electronic mail signature. 

This won’t lead to a mountain of recent electronic mail signups, however it’s a simple, passive manner to convey consciousness for those who’re emailing folks often. Don’t neglect to replace different electronic mail signatures (e.g. a customer support electronic mail) and have crew members replace their signatures.

4. Encourage forwarding

Reach out to present subscribers and encourage them to share your electronic mail with folks they know. Word-of-mouth is among the oldest and strongest technique of promoting, and electronic mail provides the right venue for suggesting it to your subscribers. If they’re in your checklist and getting worth out of your messages, likelihood is they know others who would additionally profit.

It’s vital to make your emails simple to share and subscribe to. Update your template to embrace social sharing buttons. Devote a piece of your publication to encourage subscribers to ahead your message. Then, embrace a hyperlink to your sign-up web page or hosted internet kind in order that new readers can join immediately out of your electronic mail.

5. Send postcards through snail mail

Michelle Kemp, a fan of AWeber on Facebook, swears by sending postcards to prospects by mail:

“Get your offline clients’ email addresses by mailing them a postcard with a free offer. Give them a website to go to and when they opt-in, give them your free content/giveaway that you promised. This works like a charm!”

If you’ve their postal handle, sending a consumer a personalised, handwritten notice or postcard with a return handle reveals that you simply market transparently. It additionally places a human contact on the in any other case technical job of amassing electronic mail addresses on-line.

How to get extra emails out of your web site

How to get more emails from your website

Oftentimes there are web site enchancment alternatives proper beneath your nostril. In many instances, an electronic mail advertising and marketing technique begins with a basic, “subscribe to our newsletter” objective, then extra electronic mail seize objectives are added piecemeal. 

1. Offer freebies

You may also acquire electronic mail addresses by providing freebies. Nothing is extra engaging to a possible buyer than a free product (additionally referred to as a lead magnet) or a look at a service that they don’t have but.

No matter what your publication is about, you’re an knowledgeable in your area. Write up a fast information to your trade, provide free templates or ship an unique obtain of your newest podcast that’s solely obtainable to your electronic mail checklist.

As lengthy as your free present is related to the content of your publication, it’s the right incentive for prospects who is perhaps on the fence about signing up.

2. Make certain a kind is current all through your web site

It’s finest to have a sign up form on nearly each web page in order that anybody who lands in your website is in a position to join shortly and painlessly for your emails. This is the best a part of rising an electronic mail checklist, but a standard oversight for companies focusing solely on the homepage or a shortlist of “top pages.”

The first (and typically solely) interplay you’ve with folks could occur in your web site or weblog. If you don’t benefit from that chance, it could be the final. When coming from Google, Facebook or a hyperlink shared on a weblog, guests will very hardly ever find yourself immediately in your touchdown web page. They’re most likely directed to an article, or a particular web page in your website that relates extra carefully to what they’re trying for as an alternative.

Related: 16 Proven Sign Up Form Ideas to Grow Your Email List

3. Optimize your present kind placement

Even for those who do have a join kind accessible on each web page in your website, check its location on varied web page templates. For instance: in case your weblog posts solely embrace a join kind on the backside of the submit, the shape isn’t getting almost as a lot visibility as it could within the sidebar or midway by way of posts.

Put your inline internet kind in an easy-to-find, constant spot on each web page of your website. In most instances, the online kind needs to be above the fold (the part of your website that’s seen with out scrolling).

4. Review what data you’re asking for and kind messaging

The electronic mail join course of needs to be simple for the brand new subscriber and share what they will count on by signing up for your electronic mail checklist.

For starters, check out your present internet kind. Remember that getting all of their particulars up entrance will likely be useful to you, however it isn’t a simple job for them. 

Studies present that form length will impact the number of signups you obtain. You ought to request solely what you really want from them at this stage to stop any limitations to entry. 

That doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t acquire data to make it easier to personalize your electronic mail ship. But be sure that asking for that data isn’t inflicting a roadblock. 

Also ensure you clearly talk what your web site guests will obtain after signing up, how usually they are going to obtain emails from you, after which stick to your dedication. Give guests a cause to subscribe.

5. Experiment with Pop Ups

Pop up types generally is a easy but efficient manner to convey extra consideration to your electronic mail checklist. But it’s vital to set up a number of floor guidelines earlier than getting began.

You don’t need to interrupt or annoy your web site guests with too many pop ups. Not all types have to pop up in the course of a display and darken the background content. You can use a “sticky” kind that unobtrusively stays on the underside of the web page as a consumer scrolls, or a slide-in kind on the facet of the display.

You can set the timing of your pop up types to show after a consumer has been on the web page for a sure time. Or set it so the shape shows solely when a consumer takes a particular motion (e.g. their mouse exhibiting exit-intent in the direction of the X button) or after they attain the underside of the web page.

6. Add incentives after a purchase order

Add an computerized incentive or CTA after a purchase order is made (e.g. in your thanks web page). Not each buyer that purchases an merchandise or service from you’ll at all times return. 

You can, nonetheless, work in the direction of constructing buyer loyalty along with your emails. By leveraging the purpose of buy to acquire electronic mail addresses, you’ll be able to convey them nearer to changing into repeat prospects.

7. Run a contest to acquire subscribers

Contests are an ideal advertising and marketing technique for drumming up pleasure and attracting new subscribers. There are various instruments obtainable that may make it easier to simply host a contest, similar to Gleam.io or ViralSweep

Make certain you’ve a invaluable prize, a comparatively quick entry interval, after which don’t neglect to put it up for sale in your web site and on social media. Setting a time interval (e.g. a weeklong contest) instills a way of urgency. This manner they gained’t assume they’ve loads of time to join. And no matter your prize is, ensure that it’s a invaluable something-they-can’t-live-without merchandise or provide.

Earn emails from social and different websites

Earn emails from social and other sites

Now that you simply’ve requested present relationships and optimized your web site to seize extra emails, you’re prepared to discover development alternatives that reach past your website. Leveraging your social media following and reaching out to different websites in your trade needs to be a number of the main pillars of your development technique.

1. Reach out to your social followers

As a enterprise proprietor, you most likely already know a constant social media presence can assist you interact with prospects, promote particular provides, and construct model consciousness. But do you know that you should utilize channels like Facebook and Twitter to develop your electronic mail advertising and marketing checklist, too?

By encouraging your social followers to join for your electronic mail checklist, you’re ready to faucet into an viewers of people who find themselves already concerned about what you are promoting and what you’ve to say.

While you’ll be able to actually submit about the advantages of your electronic mail content (together with a hyperlink to your join kind), it’s also possible to show it by linking to your electronic mail archive.

2. Add a kind to your Facebook enterprise web page

Did which you could seize electronic mail addresses immediately from Facebook? Simply combine your electronic mail software program with Facebook in order that anybody visiting your web page on the social networking website can simply subscribe to obtain electronic mail updates. Here’s the step-by-step integration instructions for AWeber customers.

3. Pin a tweet that might entice a join

While merely pinning a tweet to the highest of your profile feed that claims “sign up for our newsletter” will possible have little affect, there are methods to exhibit causes and alternatives to subscribe. Here are a number of examples of what you’ll be able to pin

  • Your most up-to-date publication to present a glimpse into what they may count on
  • Impactful quotes, distinctive information, and different data from whitepapers/ebooks
  • Upcoming webinars and occasions

Create an much more fascinating tweet with a picture or GIF and easy-to-read copy. 

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4. Invest in social promoting

Social media is a robust device, particularly when you’ll be able to put money into it. LinkedIn and Facebook advert codecs that particularly cater to electronic mail signups can assist you attain your audience.

Don’t be afraid to mess around along with your adverts and A/B check totally different pictures, movies, GIFs and replica. Like electronic mail advertising and marketing campaigns, the one manner to perceive what resonates along with your viewers is to check, check, check!

5. Don’t neglect about YouTube (for those who’re utilizing it at the moment)

Whether you’re energetic on YouTube and deal with it like a social community or just use it as a repository for video content, there may be potential to earn electronic mail addresses. 

Consider one of the simplest ways to ask for an electronic mail—by way of placement, the messaging of the ask, and the worth they are going to obtain. Most importantly, take into consideration how to make it simple for customers to subscribe. 

YouTube provides various methods to embrace calls to motion inside the video space itself. You may also replace the video’s “About” part to embrace a CTA. Always preview the reside video first so you’ll be able to place an important data earlier than the “Show More” truncation happens.

6. Write for different trade blogs

Guest writing is an effective way to attain an viewers you in any other case won’t have. By contributing to different websites, you not solely present worth to a brand new viewers, however you even have the chance to discover subscribers who may turn out to be a few of your finest prospects.

7. Cross-promote your checklist to one other checklist

Have a couple of checklist? Cross-promote your provide on one checklist to the opposite checklist.

The thought right here is to persuade people who there’s worth to be obtained out of your electronic mail checklist, and now’s the time to subscribe to allow them to get one thing instantly in return.

But no matter you do, by no means purchase a listing

Never buy a list

We get this query loads when speaking to new electronic mail entrepreneurs: “How do I purchase a listing of emails?”

The reply: don’t do it. The considered constructing an electronic mail subscriber base can appear daunting, however the worst factor you are able to do is purchase a listing. (It’s really unlawful to promote electronic mail lists!)

And if you buy an electronic mail checklist, it hurts your electronic mail deliverability, as a result of these emails didn’t subscribe to you and are possible to mark your messages as spam.

Monitor and observe electronic mail efficiency

Monitor and Track Email Performance

Make certain you’ve the right monitoring in place on each your electronic mail newsletters and your web site. The information you acquire will enable you to determine top-performing content and inform selections that assist enhance your technique, which can lead to extra electronic mail addresses in your subscriber checklist. It’ll additionally make it easier to discover out which lead era strategies are producing probably the most impactful outcomes.

Without the flexibility to observe key metrics like conversion fee, it is going to be tough to perceive how your readers are interacting along with your content and what they possible need to see extra of sooner or later.

To hold issues easy (and free!) a monitoring device like Google Analytics can present your numbers and make it easier to gauge efficiency. You can set this up in only a few minutes and begin gathering in-depth analytics round your electronic mail and web site site visitors.

What are your checklist constructing ways?

Does one explicit technique make it easier to appeal to new subscribers? Is there one thing that doesn’t work very nicely for your trade?

Once you’ve your checklist, now it’s time to begin utilizing electronic mail advertising and marketing to shortly develop what you are promoting. Get all of the instruments and assets you want to turn out to be an electronic mail professional with our information “How to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

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500 People On The Waitlist For The Google Virtual Webmaster Unconference


Like we reported yesterday, the Google Virtual Webmaster Unconference was bought out inside just a few hours after it was introduced. Google opened up just a few extra spots yesterday morning however these have been taken in a short time.

Martin Splitt of Google stated there are actually 500 individuals on the waitlist for this occasion.

I imply, for those who have been following me on Twitter you’d have been notified to behave fast and get these seats that opened up:

It seems like Google will not be opening up rather more area.

The nature of this particular occasion is that this can be a dwell interactive dialog between Googlers and the attendees. So if it had hundreds of individuals attempting to speak on the identical time, it will not go nicely, espesially over on-line assembly software program. So Google needed to restrict it.

I’m wondering how many individuals are allowed in per session? I’m guessing 50 max, however we’ll see.

I do suspect it is going to be a bit like John’s hangouts however extra targeted in on particular matters per session.

Forum dialogue at Twitter.

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How 3 HubSpot Managers Found Strong Co-Marketing Partnerships [+How You Can, Too]


A stable co-marketing partnership is without doubt one of the higher methods to achieve a beforehand untapped viewers, generate constructive publicity, and create a wealth of worthwhile advertising and marketing collateral. When executed proper, it is a mutually helpful, completely productive solution to enhance your advertising and marketing efforts as an entire.

Aligning your self with an trade peer can repay in spades, however these sorts of relationships aren’t simple to start out and maintain. Your companion’s pursuits and qualities want to enrich yours, and the businesses you’re employed with must be dependable sufficient to constantly pull their weight.

Finding an organization that matches that invoice is tough in its personal proper, however as soon as you have recognized one you need to work with, you are confronted with the challenges of efficiently contacting them, corresponding with them, and convincing them to work with you.

Those processes may be laborious to determine by yourself, so to give you some assist, we spoke with three HubSpot specialists about how they discovered robust co-marketing partnerships and the steps it is advisable take to do the identical.

What do you search for in a co-marketing companion?

When requested about what they search for in a co-marketing companion, our specialists all appeared to agree that the primary precedence is alignment in viewers, messaging, and picture. As HubSpot Senior Marketing Manager, Margot Mazur, put it, “We look for partners who speak to similar personas and address their needs. Specifically, we want to make sure our partners have a similar audience and voice — with similar values and goals to meet.”

Though discovering an organization that checks these bins is central to a profitable co-marketing partnership, there’s nonetheless much more to the method. You may establish a possible companion that traces up nicely along with your model id and appeals to an analogous viewers, however co-marketing partnerships should be productive and mutually helpful — it is advisable know you will get one thing out of it.

According to HubSpot Marketing Manager, Diego Santos, “Once we are happy with [a potential partner’s] suitability, we classify them according to a co-marketing matrix — one that takes the partner’s popularity, relevance, and objective into consideration. This process helps us to prioritize collaborations and look at the big picture.”

Ideological and objective-oriented alignment is not sufficient. There must be laborious, quantifiable potential behind a co-marketing partnership. As Mazur stated, “We also look at a potential partner’s audience across social and email channels, making sure that our businesses are of a similar size.”

Co-marketing partnerships are, at their core, strategic performs. They may be invaluable property in focused advertising and marketing efforts. For occasion, HubSpot Marketing Manager, Clara Landecy, spoke on how they are often leveraged to focus on particular areas, “I always look for partners who have a strong presence in targeted regions. Partnering with local partners is essential if your company does business in multiple languages and across the globe.”

Santos succinctly captured all these factors when he laid out the important thing questions to contemplate when discovering co-marketing companions, “We usually ask ourselves the following questions to make sure they are a good fit: Who are they? What is their area of expertise? And who — and how big — is their audience?”

It’s necessary to have a agency understanding of what you need out of a co-marketing partnership earlier than approaching potential companions. Find an organization with comparable values that may improve your means to successfully attain your target market — one that may pull its weight, complement your messaging, and in the end fit your long run objectives.

How do you method and join with potential co-marketing companions?

Our specialists confused the significance of a private contact in connecting with potential co-marketing companions. As Santos put it, “A more personal, network-oriented approach is usually much more effective than a cold introductory email or message.”

Co-marketing partnerships are inherently private, so it is solely becoming that you just begin your relationship along with your companion off on a private be aware. But how do you get there?

Well, in response to our specialists, your finest wager is leveraging sources and colleagues from inside your personal firm. Landecy stated, “To increase your response rate, ask your colleagues if they have any contacts at the companies you’re looking to partner with, warm outreach always helps.”

Santos agreed, “We always try to leverage the connections we already have in HubSpot. When we are looking for partners in a particular area, we reach out to everyone in the relevant regional team and encourage them to send ideas of potential collaborations.”

Mazur reiterated their factors however added some perception about what she does when she will’t attain potential companions by means of her colleagues, “Generally, I’ll see if anyone at HubSpot already has a connection to someone at the partner company. If not, I’ll reach out to a partnership, BD, or marketing person at the company on LinkedIn, using their InMail tool.” As I discussed earlier, irrespective of the way you attain potential companions you want to take action with a private contact.

Do your homework. Make positive you will have a agency grasp on the character of the corporate you are contacting, what it’d want out of a co-marketing partnership, and what you are able to do to go well with its aims and pursuits. Or as Landecy stated, “Make sure your outreach is personalized! Showing you did the research before reaching out shows you are invested in the potential partnership and makes their work feel special!”

But for instance you do not have the know-how and private connections to establish and attain potential co-marketing companions. You’re at a loss relating to discovering firms whose measurement, values, and pursuits line up with your personal.

What are you able to do? Well, there are particular instruments designed to expedite the method. For occasion, Crossbeam is a useful resource that leverages CRM knowledge that can assist you discover and join with potential co-marketing companions with overlapping buyer bases and different complementary attributes.

Ultimately, a stable co-marketing partnership has great potential that is solely seen after great effort. It typically takes in depth analysis and significant thought simply to establish the businesses that fit your values, objectives, and qualities. And truly conducting the required outreach and communication to determine one provides an entire new, typically exhausting layer to the method.

Still, there’s loads to be gained from these sorts of preparations. If your online business is on the lookout for a shot of life to your advertising and marketing efforts, pursuing a co-marketing partnership is one thing to contemplate.

New Call-to-Action

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How Email Marketing Automation Can Help Your B2B Achieve Its Goals


Faced with a difficult advertising and marketing panorama and rising ROI strain, B2B e-mail entrepreneurs want to satisfy a laundry listing of gross sales aims.

Since B2B companies sometimes face longer shopping for cycles, your advertising and marketing technique requires further nurturing efforts to keep up communication between your model and leads.

Many B2B entrepreneurs have now turned to e-mail advertising and marketing automation platforms to handle advanced purchaser ecosystems. Imagine having to ship out a person e-mail to each e-mail contact each week; as a busy marketer, that’s not an attainable actuality.

Email advertising and marketing automation lets you develop built-in campaigns which can be despatched at precisely the correct time and supply worth to your leads. With the preliminary setup and technique, automation additionally has the potential to avoid wasting your model beneficial assets and capital.

Is investing in e-mail advertising and marketing automation a smart move to your model? Let’s check out what e-mail advertising and marketing automation is and how one can undertake this know-how as a B2B enterprise.

What is e-mail advertising and marketing automation?

Email advertising and marketing automation is the software program entrepreneurs use to ship emails routinely to leads and prospects. Based on guidelines and triggers, you develop e-mail workflows that ship particular emails relying on the subscriber’s motion or time within the gross sales pipeline.

For instance, if somebody indicators up for model updates, they routinely enroll in your workflow that sends upcoming occasions and recaps. Likewise, if somebody fills out a contact type in your web site, your automation advertising and marketing software program will ship a affirmation e-mail with a thanks message.

These leads can be routinely entered into your Customer Relationships Manager (CRM) or wherever you want to retailer your contacts. Automation software program may also acknowledge how every lead interacted along with your web site, which provides you extra perception into what their pursuits are and doable demographics.

Email advertising and marketing advantages for B2B manufacturers

On a broader scale, B2B entrepreneurs use this software program to automate extra tedious duties that sometimes require prolonged assets. Marketing automation is the middle level of any inbound advertising and marketing technique and helps you do extra along with your current assets.

Regardless of your corporation dimension or advertising and marketing capabilities, e-mail advertising and marketing automation supplies you the next advantages:

Improves advertising and marketing effectivity

Email automation saves time and assets. Your salespeople can enhance their reply charge and set appointments, and your advertising and marketing crew can concentrate on bigger strategic tasks as an alternative of busywork.

Email automation helps you keep away from time-consuming duties like:

  • Developing beneficial content
  • Creating viewers segments primarily based on their actions
  • Nurturing results in shorten the gross sales cycle
  • Scheduling and execute campaigns forward of time
  • Removing duplicate or inconsistent knowledge and leads
  • Improving communication between inner and exterior groups

Instead of focusing your time on tedious work, you’re in a position to enhance your general productiveness. Email advertising and marketing automation additionally lets you coordinate all the things from one platform, as an alternative of utilizing totally different software program for every channel.

Attracts and converts certified leads

As a B2B marketer, your fundamental aim is to supply worth to leads and present prospects. You can do that by automating your processes: in reality, of the top-performing corporations within the B2B area, 69% use marketing automation for buyer acquisition, and 50% use it for buyer retention.

Why? Instant, well timed communications let you domesticate enterprise relationships and convert leads with out having to do all the things manually.

Email automation software program additionally combines behavioral knowledge—hyperlinks clicked, emails opened, purchases made—with lead scoring, so you’ve extra perception into your gross sales pipeline.

For instance, you may make the most of lead magnets inside your web site to know what your lead’s preferences are and proceed to ship related content primarily based on these pursuits. Valuable content has the ability to hurry up the shopping for cycle, and switch results in changing prospects.

Increases ROI

B2B entrepreneurs who implement e-mail automation have the chance to extend their gross sales pipeline. Why is advertising and marketing automation so profitable at producing income?

You can pair lead cycle personalization with software program to speak with the correct section of subscribers on the proper time. When you create a one-on-one dialog along with your leads, you’re in a position to talk your worth higher and persuade subscribers to make a purchase order.

Also, e-mail automation doesn’t bust the price range and overuse your inner assets. You can do much less and ship extra affect to your model.

Aligns gross sales and advertising and marketing objectives

There’s a stigma about entrepreneurs and gross sales reps—that they conflict—however e-mail automation smooths communication and cooperation between these two departments.

Email automation supplies extra certified leads for the gross sales crew to work with and nurture. Instead of losing their time vetting prospects, your emails present perception into when leads are prepared for the ultimate gross sales pitch or want extra time. After all, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases.

By working collectively and setting parameters, your advertising and marketing and gross sales crew be a part of forces for a extra streamlined technique. You’re in a position to affect the complete gross sales journey—advertising and marketing builds the preliminary relationship with prospects and gross sales focuses their time on the ultimate conversions. It’s a dream crew to your model that’ll pay dividends sooner or later.

How B2B manufacturers can undertake e-mail advertising and marketing automation

Now that you just perceive the advantages of e-mail automation, it’s time to undertake a platform and technique to your model to satisfy your B2B advertising and marketing objectives. It’s essential to not soar into automation with out weighing your choices and growing a plan that educates your viewers.

What are the ache factors in your gross sales cycle? Where are your prospects dropping off? Once you determine pipeline traits, you may develop an automation technique that fills the gaps.

To make it easier to get began, take a look at three important automation methods to nurture your leads into changing prospects:

Use a signup funnel for each digital channel.

You must funnel prospects to your signup type, so that you seize their knowledge. While a easy “join our list” message might have labored prior to now, B2B shoppers are actually demanding manufacturers that showcase their worth in distinctive methods. It’s not sufficient to only ask for his or her e-mail handle; it’s essential show you deserve it.

Push all of your digital initiatives—weblog posts, social media feeds, and search advertisements—to a signup type with a robust CTA and incentive. Incentives may very well be an in-depth white paper, eBook, or industry-exclusive interview that’ll exhibit your thought management. With this technique, you’re providing one thing in return for his or her data. Using a number of digital channels helps streamline your list-building strategies, so your automation can ship the correct message to your leads.

Create e-mail drip campaigns primarily based on actions.

Automated drip campaigns, also referred to as e-mail journeys, are a sequence of emails which can be triggered on a predetermined schedule to focus on subscribers. Typically despatched after an motion like signing up on a type or requesting a quote, drip campaigns assist nurture longer gross sales cycles. Attached to a queued e-mail workflow, you develop your drip marketing campaign with pre-written content and designs.

Potential B2B drip marketing campaign emails embrace:

  • Welcome emails: introduce model and set expectations for future communications.
  • Events/actions: promote e-mail programs, webinars, product bulletins, and extra to encourage training.
  • Promotional emails: focus on your options and advantages along with your results in encourage click-throughs to your web site.
  • Re-engagement: goal leads which were in your pipeline for too lengthy

Drip campaigns are a necessary a part of speaking and educating your leads. Overall, drip campaigns make it easier to set appointments, promote occasions, construct a gross sales pitch, and enhance conversions.

Source: Really Good Emails

Use autoresponders for confirmations.

While drip campaigns assist nurture your subscribers, autoresponder emails acknowledge your lead’s curiosity in your model after filling out a type. Attach autoresponder emails to varieties in your touchdown pages and let your contact know that you just’ll be in contact with them quickly. While it looks like a small gesture, this additional stage of customer support reveals not solely that you just care about their enterprise, but additionally lets you get further merchandise in entrance of your lead.

Consider utilizing autoresponders when a lead:

  • Signs up to your e-mail listing
  • Creates a help ticket
  • Purchases an merchandise
  • Changes a setting of their account
  • Requests a quote or appointment

With extra advanced e-mail automation platforms, you may ship out autoresponders on a lead’s birthday or for membership renewals and reminders, for instance. For B2B entrepreneurs, autoresponder emails nonetheless ship personalization to earn 152% higher click rates, whereas additionally chopping down the quantity of labor it’s essential do.

Postmates Sends Autoresponder Email After Account Updates

Source: Really Good Emails

Wrap up

If you’re critical about rising your lead pipeline and rising conversion charges, e-mail advertising and marketing automation could make a major affect in your aims. With fashionable automation platforms, you’re nonetheless in a position to ship customized campaigns that concentrate on your lead’s ache factors and transfer them by means of the gross sales funnel sooner.

Additional B2B advertising and marketing automation advantages embrace:

  • Saving time and assets by eliminating tedious duties
  • Attracting and changing high quality leads
  • Increasing your ROI and income potential
  • Aligning gross sales and advertising and marketing objectives for a extra collaborative technique

If you’re able to implement e-mail advertising and marketing automation, give Campaign Monitor a strive without cost in the present day.

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Less Than 15% of Sites Meet Benchmarks


A decidedly small proportion of web sites are in a position to cross a Core Web Vitals evaluation inside PageSpeed Insights, in accordance with a brand new examine.

Screaming Frog analyzed 2,500 key phrases and 20,000 URLs to search out that 12% of cellular and 13% of desktop outcomes handed the evaluation.

For context, these are the benchmarks for every of the Core Web Vitals:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Measures the velocity at which a web page’s major content is loaded. This ought to happen inside 2.5 seconds of touchdown on a web page.
  • First Input Delay (FID): Measures the velocity at which customers are in a position to work together with a web page after touchdown on it. This ought to happen inside 100 milliseconds.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Measures how typically customers expertise surprising structure shifts. Pages ought to keep a CLS of lower than 0.1.

Websites fared higher when it got here to assembly benchmarks for particular person Core Web Vitals.

Assessing First Input Delay, 99% of desktop URLs and 89% of cellular URLs meet the 100 millisecond benchmark.

That’s signal for searchers, because it means they’ll have the ability to instantly work together with almost all pages they land on.

Here’s how websites measure up with the opposite two internet vitals:

  • LCP: 43% of cellular and 44% of desktop URLs cross evaluation
  • CLS: 46% of cellular and 47% of desktop URLs cross evaluation


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For searchers, meaning a majority of pages they land on take over 2.5 seconds to load and have surprising structure shifts.

Not precisely an amazing person expertise if it’s a must to look forward to a web page to load whereas the content is juddering up and down the display screen.

The purpose Core Web Vitals exist within the first place is to take care of a constantly top quality person expertise throughout the net.

So LCP and CLS are the principle areas website homeowners must deal with, in accordance with the info from Screaming Frog’s report.

Core Web Vitals usually are not rating components but, however they quickly will likely be.

With that being the case, Screaming Frog examined the correlation between Core Web Vitals and search rankings because it stands proper now.

Here’s what the examine discovered.

Core Web Vitals and Search Rankings

Screaming Frog discovered that URLs in place 1 are 10% extra more likely to cross the Core Web Vitals evaluation than URLs in place 9.


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URLs in place 1 have a cross fee of 19% on cellular and 20% on desktop.

From place 1 to five there’s a 2% lower in cross fee for every place.

URLs in positions 5 to 9 have a a lot decrease cross fee of 10% on cellular and 11% on desktop.

Core Web Vitals: Less Than 15% of Sites Meet BenchmarksImage Credit: Screaming Frog

Does this imply Core Web Vitals are impacting rankings regardless that they’re not but official rating components?

Screaming Frog says that’s unlikely however not fully unfaithful:

“A significant half of the CWV evaluation focuses on load velocity, which we all know is already a rating issue. Therefore, logic would recommend that faster websites might rank barely larger and find yourself passing the evaluation in flip.

However, Google regularly feedback that velocity is a minor issue. Instead, I think websites rating within the first 1-Four positions are typically higher optimised total. With focused, wealthy, and user-friendly content. All whereas loading this info extra effectively.”

Core Web Vitals won’t be rating components till 2021, so there’s not lots to remove from this examine with respect to optimizing CWVs for rankings.

What website homeowners can take away from that is: If you don’t cross the Core Web Vitals evaluation, you’re not alone.

You’re in good firm with the overwhelming majority of the net in that regard.

It’s little doubt a precedence for SEOs proper now to cross the CWV evaluation forward of the upcoming rating issue replace

Google is giving SEOs and website homeowners lots of time to organize for the replace, and it looks like that’s transfer.

But don’t get discouraged.

If your website doesn’t meet the net vitals benchmarks by the point the algorithm replace is rolled out, that doesn’t imply it gained’t get ranked in any respect.

Search is complicated and Core Web Vitals are simply three out of the various components Google appears to be like at when rating pages.


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Ultimately, content relevance is most essential. A extra related web page will normally win out over a quicker web page with much less related content.

For extra about Core Web Vitals see these sources beneath:

Source: Screaming Frog

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A Guide to Google’s Advanced Image Search


Searching for photographs on Google is a straightforward course of.

Many of us can rapidly discover a image of one thing we’re looking for by performing a fundamental Google picture search.

Google populates the outcomes, typically with adverts within the first row, with rows and rows of photographs after which hyperlinks again to their respective web sites.

This is the usual picture search performance that almost all of us are used to seeing after we’re in search of a photograph on Google.

It is a particularly frequent search consequence format, that clearly layouts and categorizes numerous varieties of picture outcomes.

food processor google image search

However, many people usually neglect or underutilize Google’s superior picture search function, which will help us all carry out extra refined picture searches.

Below are a number of strategies to use superior picture search on Google to discover photographs that you simply’re after, extra rapidly and effectively.


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Advanced Search Filters

By navigating to photographs.google.com, you can begin to carry out your normal picture search.

The fundamental search bar seems for you to enter your question.

However, many have no idea that by clicking “tools”, you’ll be able to then see a number of completely different superior filters to assist specify what you’re in search of even additional.

dog image search

You can filter picture ends in the next methods:

Image Size

Here you’ll be able to select from giant, medium, small, or an icon.

This will help to rapidly find a picture primarily based on the particular measurement you’re after.

Whether it’s a bigger “hero” picture or a smaller thumbnail, this function could make it a speedier course of to specify sizes.

Image Color

You have the choice of black and white, clear, or a particular shade similar to blue, purple, yellow, and so on.


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This will help to simply slender down a picture search to decide up on any sure tones or colours you’re after.

Say you’re writing a weblog put up on seaside holidays, and wish some photographs with mild blue water, you’ll be able to rapidly discover these utilizing this filter.

Image Usage Rights

Labeled for reuse with modification, labeled for reuse, labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification, labeled for non-commercial reuse.

This is useful so as to simply determine what images are up for reuse and which of them usually are not.

Image Type

Options embrace clip artwork, line drawing, and GIF.

This will help to simply find photographs primarily based on animation or illustration kind.


Options embrace the previous 24 hours, previous week, previous month, previous yr.

This will help to pin down newer images that could be extra related, depending on the subject you’re after.

Google Advanced Image Search

Now, by navigating to Google’s Advanced Image Search, you can find that this instrument makes use of the entire filters listed above, after which some.

If you continue to can’t discover a particular picture that you’re after with the essential filters, it is a useful gizmo to strive.

google advanced image search

This Exact Word or Phrase

This choice allows you to discover photographs after inputting a number of key phrases, to slender down and specify your search additional.

This may be very related to utilizing quotes when looking for one thing on-line.

Aspect Ratio

This function permits you to search particularly for sure picture facet ratios.

So, for those who needed to see a picture that must be extensive, tall, panoramic, and so on., you will discover these photographs right here.


This function permits you to see which images are public in a particular a part of the world.

This makes it straightforward to pin down images from locations you intend to go to, and so on.

Site or Domain

Like a Google site search, use this superior picture search choice to restrict the outcomes to images from a specific web site URL.


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Enable or disable SafeSearch to block inappropriate content.

File Type

If you’re after particular file varieties, you’ll be able to decide which picture file format Google ought to search for (e.g., JPGPNGSVG).

Reverse Image Search

By going to google.com after which deciding on “images” within the high proper nook, you’re introduced to Google’s reverse picture search.

Now, when you choose the digital camera icon, you’ll be able to then seek for different photographs by importing a picture.

You can both place a picture URL or add your personal particular picture.

google reverse image search

This is helpful for a number of completely different causes.

Refine & Narrow Your Search

A reverse picture search will help you discover photographs that match a granular set of search standards, saving you time scrolling by means of a whole bunch of photographs to find what you’re after.


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It helps to refine and slender your search, creating a greater total person expertise.

Pinpoint Image Sources

Say you had saved a picture of one thing while you have been looking – as an example, an in-end desk that you simply had been focused on.

You saved the picture to your pc, nevertheless, can’t keep in mind what web site you had pulled it from.

Performing a reverse picture search will help you to rapidly pinpoint the supply.

This can prevent loads of time and trouble, for numerous varieties of search outcomes.

end table image search

Integrate Advanced Image Search

There are billions of picture searches occurring each day.

Yet, many don’t know the complete performance and capabilities that Google provides for performing extra sturdy picture searches.

Utilizing these capabilities will help you save a big period of time, particularly when looking for a particular picture, or sure parameters that a picture wants to meet.


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The subsequent time you’re in search of a particular picture, make the most of superior filters and reverse picture search to assist you pinpoint what you’re after.

More Resources:

Image Credits

All screenshots taken by writer, July 2020

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The Social Media Content Calendar Template Every Marketer Needs [Free Template]


“We have a 9 a.m. meeting? Hold on — let me just click around the internet like a maniac to find something for the morning tweet.” 

Sound acquainted? Scrambling for social content is nothing new. We have conferences. We run late. Things come up. And it is actually arduous to get any significant quantity of labor performed when you could have the subsequent social media replace looming over your head each 30, 60, or 90 minutes.

AWeber’s Email Marketing Podcast — The FWD: Thinking Show


Hear interviews from the highest e mail advertising and marketing minds on the earth and get actionable, forward-thinking suggestions to make use of in your personal technique.

You’ve learn blogs. Joined webinars. Watched movies. And extra. 

Now, we’re proud to carry you extra unbelievable e mail advertising and marketing recommendation in one other format. Introducing AWeber’s new e mail advertising and marketing podcast (drum roll please)…

The FWD: Thinking Show

The FWD: Thinking Show e mail advertising and marketing podcast

One of one of the best e mail advertising and marketing podcasts on the market

Our mission has at all times been that can assist you construct what you are promoting and develop your viewers with e mail advertising and marketing. We goal to offer you all of the powerfully-simple instruments and sources you want to achieve success. That contains insights and interviews with the highest e mail advertising and marketing minds within the enterprise.

Read on to study what you’ll be able to anticipate from our model new e mail advertising and marketing podcast. 

What is The FWD: Thinking Show all about?

The FWD: Thinking Show is an e mail advertising and marketing podcast devoted to sharing progressive methods from probably the most profitable, ahead pondering advertising and marketing minds on the earth (see what we did there?). 

From copywriting to e mail design, conversion optimization, and every thing in between, we uncover the sport altering techniques and techniques that allow small companies and entrepreneurs to perform extra with e mail advertising and marketing. 

Who is The FWD: Thinking Show for?

If you’re curious concerning the advertising and marketing methods that may really get you outcomes, then The FWD: Thinking Show is for you.

Whether you’re a small enterprise proprietor, aspect hustler, content creator, or coach, the insights heard from the world’s most famed advertising and marketing specialists on The FWD: Thinking Show will aid you accomplish your objectives.

When are episodes of The FWD: Thinking Show launched?

New episodes of The FWD: Thinking Show are launched on the primary Monday of each month. 

Want to get episodes delivered straight to your inbox? Join our weekly e-newsletter for brand spanking new episodes and academic weblog content (you’ll additionally get e mail updates from AWeber). 

Who are the specialists you’ll hear from on this e mail advertising and marketing podcast?

We have a unbelievable lineup in retailer for you. 

In addition to the primary three episodes launching as we speak — that includes Lee Odden, Rieva Lesonsky, and Julia McCoy — you’ll be able to anticipate to listen to from high advertising and marketing minds, like Val Geisler, Joanna Wiebe, Matthew Smith, and John Jantsch.

These conversations have been jam full of precious insights, and we’ve little doubt you’ll study a ton.

Can’t wait to pay attention? Scroll all the way down to hearken to the primary Three episodes.

The FWD: Thinking Show Episode 1: How to create trusted content that ranks, with Lee Odden

In episode 1 of The FWD: Thinking Show, we’re joined by Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing, to share how influencer advertising and marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) might be mixed to create content that isn’t solely findable however credible for prospects actively in search of options. Because with out belief, they received’t have interaction or purchase.

Lee dives into the way to perceive what your potential prospects are looking for, and the place belief comes into the equation. He explains that quite a lot of prospects don’t belief adverts, and — much more surprisingly — they don’t belief search engine outcomes. 

So, how do you join with people that may aid you make content and promote that content to audiences which might be arduous to achieve? Lee solutions that query and lots of extra on this episode. 

Episode sources:

The FWD: Thinking Show Episode 2: Build ‘know, like, & trust’ amongst your viewers, with Rieva Lesonsky

Businesses regularly promise an excessive amount of and ship too little. No surprise shoppers query the worth of services and products earlier than they purchase. They lack belief.

In this episode, you’ll study from small enterprise influencer and thought chief, Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of DevelopBizMedia. She shares easy methods to construct belief, improve model “likeability,” and provides your viewers the arrogance to purchase from you many times.

She additionally warns small companies to be cautious of any advertising and marketing tactic that tries to persuade you that it’s “the only tactic you need.” Plus, study the most important mistake Rieva’s seen small companies make — again and again — all through the years.

Rieva’s a wealth of information for small companies. And, in case you haven’t fairly made the bounce to entrepreneurship simply but, Rieva’s positivity and mindset may simply be the factor to persuade you. 

Episode sources:

  • Check out Rieva’s firm and get in contact together with her through GrowBizMedia
  • Connect with Rieva Lesonsky on Twitter: @rieva
  • Learn extra on Rieva’s information website for small companies, Small Biz Daily.

The FWD: Thinking Show Episode 3: How to cease second-guessing your content advertising and marketing creativity, with Julia McCoy

In episode Three of The FWD: Thinking Show, CEO of Express Writer & Content Hacker Julia McCoy shares her entrepreneurial journey — beginning with dropping out of school at age 19 and ranging from scratch after escaping a cult. 

An established content marketer and author, Julia explains what elements play an element in e mail advertising and marketing success — and failure. She uncovers insights on the way to get your emails learn, the way to create e mail campaigns that present worth whereas concurrently persuading your viewers to buy, and what you are able to do to study from one of the best in your business.

Then, Julia supplies actual, tactical recommendation for how one can escape the on a regular basis hustle and bustle to faucet into your interior creativity and create actually distinctive and highly effective content. 

You’ll discover ways to faucet into your interior creativity — irrespective of how scary it may be — to create heartfelt campaigns that resonate together with your viewers. 

Episode sources:

Want to get notified of recent episodes? 

We launch new e mail advertising and marketing podcast episodes the primary Monday of each month. Want to ensure you don’t miss an episode? Sign up for the FWD: Thinking e-newsletter and obtain the most recent episodes and actionable weblog content in your inbox each Thursday, together with e mail updates from AWeber.

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Google India Launches People Cards, Virtual Visiting Cards


Google has launched what they’re calling “people cards” or “virtual visiting cards.” Google mentioned these folks playing cards are “where you can highlight your existing website or social profiles you want people to visit, plus other information about yourself that you want others to know.”

Google mentioned it is a approach for “business professional, performer, or anyone looking to build up your own online presence, you might have a website, social profiles, and other information spread across many sites.”

It jogs my memory of the best way to claim your knowledge panel however for nearly anybody.

To begin, you want to be in India, search Google for [add me to Search] and observe the prompts. Here is a GIF of it in actin:

Google wrote:

Our purpose with Search is to at all times make sure that folks can discover useful and dependable data, so we now have a wide range of protections and controls in place to take care of the standard of knowledge on folks playing cards. Only one folks card is allowed per Google Account, and a telephone quantity is required to authenticate the account. We have a lot of mechanisms to guard in opposition to abusive or spammy content, and in the event you come throughout low high quality data or a card that you just imagine was created by an impersonator, you possibly can faucet the suggestions hyperlink to tell us. If you now not need your folks card to look in Search, you possibly can delete it at any time.

If you’re looking for somebody on Search, these new playing cards make it fast and straightforward to seek out the fitting particular person. When you seek for somebody’s title and there’s a card obtainable, you’ll see a module with the title, career and site, which you’ll faucet to see their card. For individuals who share the identical title, you’ll see a number of modules, and the data may help you distinguish between the totally different people to seek out who you’re searching for.

Here are extra display photographs:

Forum dialogue at Twitter.

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