Videos are booming in popularity online, so many businesses have started leveraging it to drive traffic to their websites. The right videos can drive traffic, the wrong videos can also drive traffic (away from your site). Consumers have a love-hate relationship with videos, While there are a number of reasons why videos can… Read More


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  Your most central objective when it comes to building relationships with your audience is to create engaging experiences. When you truly engage your audience, they’ll respond to your content with comments, questions, and more points. They’ll like you, follow you, friend you, and retweet you. That’s why engagement is so important. Engagement can mean… Read More

  Videos are booming in popularity online, so many business owners can be forgiven for thinking that videos could be a great way to drive traffic to their website. However, there are a number of reasons why videos can actually drive traffic from a website without the site owner even realizing it. Here are some… Read More

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