In the last post, we shared about the impact of the recent facebook changes. In the next few posts, we’re going to share how as a business page, you can survive and thrive within the new facebook algorithm.

Here’s the reality: Facebook has been flooded with poor quality content amidst valuable content, so it had to ‘weed out’ low-quality content (which we discussed in the last post).

Here’s the good news: By publishing content of good quality, your page will stand out! 

So it’s time to Ace your content with the following tips: 

1. Quality Content


In Zuckerberg’s message, he wrote: “The public content you see more will be held to the same standard [as that from individuals] — it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

The key is ‘meaningful interactions between people’. Instead of just dishing out information or facts, features or benefits, take this a step further would be to ask: ‘how can we make this quality information personal’? One way is to use customer testimonials or client success stories.

To make your customer stories more interesting, you can vary the format. You may use short form content (few-liner status update), long form content (blog articles, case study), video, photographs, interview.  Just throw in a little creativity and you’ll be surprised how customer stories will give you not only social but PR mileage. Besides, posting a long form blog article will do your website SEO good. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

2. Use Video

video, live sreamingIn the wake of the latest changes, publishers are anticipating the death of short-form video on news feed as Facebook prioritizes Facebook Watch which is on-demand original video service. Nonetheless, pages should consider making video content a feature in their Facebook marketing strategy, especially via Facebook Live videos. The beauty of Live video is that it is uncensored. It is real people conversing and engaging with other real people.  Moreover, Live video drives real-time engagements, is user-friendly with simulcast function.

Despite how things change, videos are here to stay. Check out our post about a whole host of benefits to using video on facebook.

3. Tap on Messenger

fb-msgThis is one of the hottest trend for social media marketing in 2018. Before you start thinking: What’s the big deal, it’s just another mode of communication. It is the mode of communication, that allows instantaneous, one-to-one interaction, particularly through chat apps like Messenger.

Given that it is going to be harder now to reach your audience, it is even more important now to provide outstanding customer service experience. Messenger can help you do that as it is instant and personal.

To take this to another level, start thinking how you can leverage messenger even for your ads and campaigns, besides customer service. Be proactive, you may even give people a reason to send you a message via ads or campaigns. And when they do, impress them with your personal level of engagement.

Quality content and quality engagement does not come overnight, but it is not impossible.

The bottom-line is marketers will do well in authentic engagement rather than chasing numbers or vanity metrics.

What are you doing with your content today? Do share your thoughts and takes with us. With all the above in mind, isn’t it time your brand rethink your social strategy?

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