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We’re into the 3rd part of our series where we discuss how to survive the latest Facebook algorithm change.

As business pages find it more difficult to reach individuals organically (via free posting) on Facebook, this is a time to regroup your digital marketing strategy to ensure you do not get left behind. If you missed our previous installment, you can read the blog post ‘Facebook changes – Ace your Content’ here


With declining organic reach and the recent algorithm change, Facebook’s referral traffic to publishers has been in decline and will continue to.  Brands have been forced to stop relying on free promotion from Facebook pages. The other alternative is to pay for Facebook ads or boosting or go elsewhere to get referral traffic back to their website. For businesses who have developed a “social-first” strategy over the years and relied on Facebook as a primary source of traffic, they need to rethink their digital marketing strategy.

Recall back in the good old days before Facebook, Google was the platform to be seen and found on. So it is no surprise now that businesses need to rekindle their love with optimising for search engine (SEO).


Here we share some quick tips that you can start right away to get back in the game with the pursuit of SEO.


giphy (1)1. Keyword research

Getting back with an old flame means taking time to relearn and understand afresh. This is a good time now to revisit your keyword research and update the data on which you initially based your decisions – people and search habits do change. More importantly, technology has changed. Focus instead on topics and the context of a page, rather than specific keywords.


2.Site audit

Other than keywords and links, it is good time to take stock of your website. Doing a site audit is a good place to start. On-site optimization is the foundation of any SEO campaign. Pay attention to broken links and fix them as quickly as possible. Optimise your images and meta descriptions. You may even want to consider broader aspects like user interface and user experience.


3.Content Building

Links and keywords are important for Google search. However, gone are the days when tactics of indiscriminate keywords or links stuffing will bring in traffic. In fact, with more sophisticated search algorithms, authentic content building is the way to go. By this, we mean going back to the basics, providing content of value. For businesses, instead of hard sell, try to provide content of value which can be informational, educational, instructional. Storytelling is a great way to weave in your content seamlessly. When done well, storytelling can even boost your branding.


ipad4.Mobile friendly

With easily half or more of search traffic from mobile nowadays, it is imperative to consider how your website appears and behaves on mobile. Points to consider include the interface, ease of navigation, user experience, loading speed, crawl errors.  While  we’re on mobile, also do not neglect tablets, as they are increasingly used instead of laptops.  For a start, you can try out Google’s mobile-friendly test, which is a simple and free assessment of your website’s performance on mobile.


5.Local search

Once again, this is another phenomenon that shows smart phones changed the SEO game forever – making local searchability important. As more consumers search on the go, on mobile smart phones, businesses cannot ignore local search. Start getting your website onto Google My Business profile and local directory listings.


Of course, the above list of tactics to get back into the SEO game is not exhaustive.

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What’s your favourite SEO tip? Do feel free to share.


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