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How long is 60 seconds? 1 minute. What can you do in 1 minute?

Pop a couple of tic-tacs into your mouth..

Run a quarter of a mile ( a la Four-minute Mile style)..

Fall asleep on days when you’re exhausted..


We all have 1440 minutes in a day. Have you ever wondered how much is going on around the world in any 1 of the minutes?

More aptly, it’s 2017 now, and in this internet age, how many things move in a minute? When I first chanced upon this infographic on the internet, I was absolutely fascinated!

Wait a minute! Got a minute? Read on..


In 1 minute, 156 million emails are sent!

Email is King of this chart, exceeding all the other platforms! In case you think email is old and outdated, in this ‘chat’ era, it’s time to revive your love for good old email. But that doesn’t mean the same old same old emails that work before the millennium can still work effectively. If you continue doing that, I’m afraid it’ll just be ’round and round in circles’ (just as Robbie Williams sang).

So what then? For a start, personalisation is a must, nobody likes to open (don’t even think about read) a templated mass-mailed email. Next, be relevant, a new member who just signed up on your website would have different needs compared to a repeat customer who has been shopping on your online store for a while. Want more reasons before you beef up your email marketing? Read our previous blog post here. For more tips on email marketing, stay tune for our next blog.


In 1 minute, 4.1 million videos are viewed!

Need we emphasize any further? It’s THE age of Videos! First the internet started with Blogs and bloggers were the rave back then but today, it’s Vlogs and Vloggers! This marketing channel works best especially if you’re into consumer marketing or promoting a lifestyle brand. Because, people love word of mouth from other people, especially people whom they can either identify with or emulate.

My personal tip for working with influencers: Do not jump straight to those with the highest number of followers. Take time to look for one who aligns with your brand philosophy, even if they do not have the highest fan base. The reason is that with the right influencer, you’ll attract the right target audience. The last thing you want is to spend your money on acquiring traffic or ‘fans’ who are not your right target audience. Again, for more tips, stay tuned for our up-coming blog posts.

(On a personal note, I really feel that you-tube was the best thing that ever happened to Google. Just look at the results today, a decade later! Well this is just my own side note, being a tech news fan)


In 1 minute, 3.5 million searches are executed on Google.

Well, it’s no surprise what comes after you-tube. Can we even imagine what life will be like if Google did not come into existence? I really cringe at that thought. Need anything? Have a question? Just google it! Google has the lion’s share of search engine!

What does that mean for your business or brand? It means opportunity! A mere 1% of this 3.5 million translates to 35,000. That is 35,000 possible sales opportunity knocking on your door. But wait, before you get too excited, know also that competition is strong: 1 billion websites in cyberspace.

Hence, that brings me to the next question, I’ve often been asked “How can my business website appear on Google’s 1st page?” “Can you make my website come up top on Google’s 1st page?”.

Short answer is ‘Yes’. Long answer is there’s no short cut to sustain that position. Despite many marketing agencies claim overnight miracles through SEM (Search Engine Marketing, PPC or Google Adword campaigns), I usually add a caveat to this, SEM is only a quick fix, unless you have deep pockets to bid higher than your competitors for a sustained period of time. However, once you stop paying for those clicks, your website ranking will plummet right down.

In the long run, I absolutely recommend having a sound SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy for your website. If you need help on that, do PM me, I can share some tips to start you off.

While we’re on the topic of SEO, I can never over-stress the importance of Content. Yes, Content is still King. Moreover, in this day and age, when we say ‘Content’ please do not only stop at written content. Thanks to the internet and its users, content now has expanded to graphics, infographics, videos, podcasts, webinars. Even on social media, content is constantly evolving. Take for example, facebook ‘Live stories’, instagram ‘Stories’ and Twitter ‘Moments’. The war on content is getting more and more interesting, with more options like AR and VR! In case you need someone to chat with regarding your brand’s story telling, do drop us a line too.

So there we have it, I’ve taken more than 60 seconds to write this blog article. And I hope you enjoyed the more than 60 seconds of your time reading this. Hope it has shed some light and put some things into perspective. Well, there’s just too much to share and too little time (my bed is beckoning me now and I’ve still got to wake up for work tomorrow.)


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