Since Google announced passage indexing (rating) many assumed they’d look completely different within the search outcomes. But no, they will not look any completely different based on Danny Sullivan of Google. Danny advised me on Twitter that passage indexing “doesn’t change the look of results.”

Why did a few of us, together with me sooner or later, suppose the passage indexing primarily based outcomes would look completely different? Well, the original Google announcement shared this display screen shot of what it is going to appear like:

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This is how Google captioned it, “with new passage understanding capabilities, Google can understand that the specific passage (R) is a lot more relevant to a specific query than a broader page on that topic (L).”

I requested Danny about that and he stated “that’s a bad illustration because it compares a regular snippet with a featured snippet. Any regular listing that becomes a featured snippet right now — without passage ranking — looks like that.”

In brief, passage indexing is solely about rating. It will not look or seem completely different, it simply will rank pages that beforehand Google didn’t rank as a result of Google is ready to perceive content higher deeper throughout the content of longer internet pages. And no, passage indexing is not yet live and possibly will not be in 2020.

Here is the stream of tweets about how passage indexing will not look or really feel completely different within the search outcomes interface than regular snippets:

This is all why the nosnippet tag won’t influence passage indexing results.

Also, so you recognize, there was hypothesis concerning the scroll to text and highlight feature that we see on featured snippets can be place for this to work on passage indexing. Yes, we all know it’s nearly rating but when Google reveals a consequence and hyperlinks the searcher to a web page with an enormous quantity of content, it might make sense for the searcher to be anchored to the suitable place on the web page. This is how Danny responded to me on that query:

And simply to be clear, Danny has been saying this for over two months now:

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