Getting advocates and influencers to help you spread the message of your brand is a very powerful way to expand your brand. Advocates can be former customers, and influencers are movers and shakers within your niche and industry. Together, they form a powerful alliance to help propel your brand to new heights.

* They Can Become the Face of Your Brand – Advocates are often customers before they become advocates, which puts them in a great position of becoming the face of your brand. Once you have real customers, you can rewrite your avatars and client description to consider who they are.

* They Help Build New Relationships – Both advocacy and influence are built upon relationships. The more you can build relationships with your advocates and with influencers, the more you can also build your brand.

* They Help You Keep Creating What Your Audience Wants – The more you stay in contact with advocates, the better you will become at creating exactly what your audience wants when they want it. Your advocates will answer polls and surveys and give ideas when you ask for them.

* They Generate Better Promotional Materials – Often advocates are much better at generating promotional materials that you can use. The compliments, testimonials, and case studies that they generate will be better than anything you can come up with alone.

* They Help You Spread Your Brand Message – If you’ve done a good job at building relationships, advocates and influencers will help spread the message of your brand without you even asking. They’ll share the things you post, they’ll comment, and they’ll promote you just because they know and trust you.

* They Can Help You Build Buzz – Building relationships with your advocates and your influencers can also help you build buzz. If your activities can get a mention by an influencer (someone who is a true leader in your field with a big audience), the buzz will grow exponentially.

* They Can Become Strong Defenders – If you miss something untrue being spread about you in social media, your advocates will be strong defenders of your brand. Ensure that you’ve done a good job educating about your values and goals, so that the defending is fair and not mean.



* They Help Build Amazing Communities – When you have advocates and influencers on your side, it will help you build your communities bigger and better – mostly without your help. They’ll answer questions, welcome new members and more. That’s the power of relationships.

Keep building relationships with advocates and influencers, and before you know it your business will be at a whole new level – deserving of praise and applause by all. Remember to thank them and publicly mention them when you can, to return the favor.