Still paying through the nose for PPC, advertisements, sponsored posts?

It’s time to get to the crux of the matter, content marketing is the sustainable strategy your business needs. This is especially vital for small and medium business.

So you may be wondering, how do I do Content marketing? Fret not, I’ll share with you tips, tools and strategy to rev up your content marketing in the digital realm. The first thing to do is determine what your goal is for any one piece of content. It might be to get more leads, to move prospects through your funnel, or something else entirely. After that, follow through the 9 steps below as a quick checklist :

1 Use Different Forms – Content is not just written. Content is images, video, headings, and everything you put online. Content drives all activity online including marketing, engaging, and encouraging your audience.

2 Use Compelling Imagery – The images you use throughout your marketing efforts are important. You want them to represent your brand and help send the right messages to your audience. Also, you should be careful about where you get images to ensure that no copyright infringement takes place.

3 Outsource to Experts – If you’re not sure what to do and you’re not making much leeway with the content you’ve created thus far, seek out the help of professionals. There are experts who can develop your entire content strategy and even find people to create it, while you just manage it and approve it.

4 Turn to the Calendar – Look online for a calendar that lists all the crazy types of holidays and special days that exist the world over. Create content for silly days like National Pickle Day or serious days like Human Trafficking Awareness Day. If you can find a way to incorporate your goals into the content, you’ll get traction.

5 Match Content to Your Promotions – One reason you need to determine in advance what products or services you’re going to promote, is so that you can match your content to it. For example, if in the second quarter you know that you’re going to finish and start promoting your new course, you need to be developing content that seeds your audience well in advance of promotion.

6 Don’t Forget the Trends – While most of your content should be planned well in advance to ensure that it has time to do its job, don’t forget trending information. Every day there is a chance that something completely changes, and that should be acknowledged by including trends in your content creation.

7 Don’t Forget Your CTA – All your content needs a call to action of some kind. Your CTA depends on what action you want your audience to take. It might be buying now; it might be share; it might be sign up. Whatever it is, you must always include a call to action with your content.

8 Tell Your Brand Story – Throughout the content you create, find ways to include and expand on your brand story. Adding bits and pieces of your story to your content makes it more personal and helps to explain your why. And more important in the minds of your audience, why you to them.

9 Promote Your Content – Often the one missing piece to a winning content strategy is failing to promote the content that you create. You should promote across your social media networks, ask others to share, and encourage commenting. Also, don’t share once and then stop; share each piece of content proudly multiple times.

Last but not least,

Keep Going – Keep publishing excellent and strong content with your audience. If the content you’re creating isn’t time sensitive and offers a lot of good information, keep sharing it and promoting it.

Remember Content is King, Context is Queen but Consistency is the Key to any good content marketing strategy 

Strong content development is something all who wish to be successful with digital marketing should be involved in. You can’t just throw up any type of content and expect to meet your goals. You need to know your goals, and then choose the type of content that will help you meet them.


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