The best way to manage anything is to create a system. When you systemize all the processes that need to be completed, you’ll feel yourself up to be even more creative. Some people balk at the idea of systemizing anything creative but the truth is, it’ll make a huge impact on your work if you do.

* Use a Project Management System – Nothing can beat having a specialized system to use such as or to help you get and keep everything organized. Once you set up a system, you’ll find that you can get far more done in less time.

* One Thing at a Time – It’s important to set up your schedule so that you’re doing one thing at a time in the right order. For example, you can order a graphic from your graphic designer for your book cover before you’ve finished your book, so that it’s done when you need it.

* Put It in Your Calendar – Most project management systems can do this for you, but if you want to, you can use Google Calendar as your project management system. Organize everything you need to do and then make it into a to-do list for each workday.

* Keep Your Team in the Loop – If you have a team that works with you, such as a virtual assistant or graphic designer, it can help to share what you’re doing with them. Start a private Facebook group, or use your project management system to communicate with everyone so that they understand your goals.

* Manage Your Resources – Resources involve human, financial and technical assets that you have and can use to help you create amazing content for your audience. The better you use what you have at your fingertips, the more successful your creative process will become.

* Remember Your Goals – Everything you do starts with a goal. If not, then you need to go back to the beginning and create goals for each thing you want to create. Whether it’s a video or a text blog post, you need to have a goal in mind for it.

* Be Prepared – Everything starts with preparation. You can’t be creative if you have distractions. When it’s time to sit down and get work done, turn off distractions. Shut off your TV and social media. Talk to your family and tell them how much time you need uninterrupted and promise a reward when you get it.

* Analyze the Results – Like most things, just doing it doesn’t let you know if you’ve been successful. You need to look at the metrics to find out if you need to make changes or adjust anything within your process to ensure better results.

You can’t sit around and wait for inspiration to hit you. Each day when you get started working, it will help to know what you need to do that day. When you work on things this way, you’ll experience far more success than you would if you had no plan of action to follow.