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Are you a small business owner, free-lancer or solo entrepreneur?

Do you often wish that your social media pages can do better in terms or visibility and engagement (without paying to boost the postings)?

With 800 million users, social media is not to be neglected for any business. And especially so for small businesses who can leverage on the social media bandwagon to make your marketing go the extra mile without spending too much extra dollars.


We’d like to share some tips which can come in handy to help you out.  Read on for simple yet effective tips on getting more out of your social media:


  1. * Lead Your Audience to Your Blog or Website – It’s okay to share other people’s content if it’s relevant. However, when you share your own content, ensure that it originates on your own blog, then share it on the social network with an appropriate blurb. That way you bring traffic to your site and boost conversions.
  2. * Improve Your Headlines – The first thing your audience sees aside from images is the headline of your post. Work on optimizing the headline by ensuring you use the right keywords that tell the audience what’s inside without trickery.
  3. * Make Your Profiles Better – Your profiles on social media are static and will help you tremendously with reaching your audience. Create profiles with the idea that your audience will read them and focus the information on what they want and need to know.
  4. * Use the Right Images – The image you use gets attention. Make sure it’s the right size for the social networks you want to share it on. You may have to use different sizes for each network, but you’ll be glad you made the extra effort. Watermark your images to help people find you if your post gets separated from your image.
  5. * Use Creative and Compelling Hashtags – One way to ensure that you can find posts later is to use hashtags. It is also a good way to add additional information about the topic for those who are choosing what to consume.

Optimizing social media campaigns will ensure that you get a lot of traffic and conversions from your social media marketing efforts. Plus, taking the time to work on optimization will better engage and thrill your audience as your offerings appear more valuable.


There you have it, not too difficult right?

Know of any tips to add to our list? Feel free to share in the comments below.