In February we coated some complaints about Google displaying “uploaded by” in a number of the search end result snippets. Often, the add by will cite the one that uploaded the video and never the one that wrote the content on the web page the place the snippet is coming from. An search engine optimisation named Stephen mentioned he was capable of take away the uploaded by part with a meta tag.

First, here’s what this uploaded by appears like:

click for full size

Again, it appears to drag the writer data of the video, not the content on that web page.

Stephen posted on Twitter that utilizing the data-nosnippet=”true” attribute to surrounding the div of the video proved to work in eradicating the Upload By snippet data. This is a particular tag that can be utilized inline. Google says it “independently of page-level meta-tags, you can designate parts of an HTML page not to be used in snippets. This can be done with the data-nosnippet HTML attribute on span, div, or section HTML elements.” You can be taught extra about this over here.

Can you give it a try to let me know if it really works for you?

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