Google’s John Mueller says there’s no profit to having an artificially flat URL construction in contrast to one which reveals listing depth.

The variety of slashes in a URL is certainly not an indicator of how essential a web page is, or how possible Google is to floor the web page in search outcomes.

This subject is mentioned throughout the Google Search Central search engine marketing hangout recorded on March 26.

A web site proprietor submits a query about URL construction asking Mueller his ideas on brief URLs versus URLs that present listing depth.

Here is his response.

Google’s John Mueller on URLs With Directory Depth

As it relates to listing depth in URLs, the positioning proprietor is of the understanding that it’s not a nasty factor to present customers the place they’re in a web site.


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Mueller agrees with that presumption, saying “Yes, absolutely.”

The URL construction of a web site is one thing that can be utilized nevertheless the positioning proprietor prefers, Mueller says:

“So if essentially the URL structure that you have on your site is something that you can use however you want. Google does not count the number of slashes in your URLs and say: “oh this is like five levels down therefore we will not show it as visibly in search.””

It’s not essential to have an artificially flat URL construction. That refers to a construction the place it appears like each web page is one click on away from the house web page, when in actuality they could be a number of ranges deep.

The fewer clicks it takes to get to a web page from the house web page is a sign to Google about how essential the web page is. But there’s no manner to fabricate that sign with a flat URL construction.


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“You don’t have to have kind of an artificially flat directory structure. So from that point of view, if you have a directory structure that users can recognize and where you can tell that sometimes people are like even typing in the URL, or copy and pasting parts of a URL together, I think that’s perfectly fine. There’s no need to hide that kind of URL structure from users by doing URL rewriting or anything like that.”

Google treats URLs as identifiers of content, not as a manner to perceive web site construction. That’s what Google’s internet crawlers are for.

It’s fully up to the person web site proprietor whether or not they favor a flat URL construction or one with depth. It is not going to assist or hurt a web site by going both manner.

“For the most part we treat URLs as identifiers of content. We don’t try to understand the site structure based on the URL. So essentially setting up your URL however you want is our recommendation there. It’s definitely not the case that you need to artificially make it look different.”

Hear the total query and reply within the video beneath:

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