Google’s John Mueller says there’s no inherent SEO profit to including an audio model of a text-based net web page.

This matter is mentioned throughout the Google Search Central SEO hangout recorded on February 12.

The following query is submitted to Mueller:

“Would adding an audio version of a page’s content help with search in any way? Other than the obvious accessibility improvement.”

Adding an accompanying audio recording to a written put up is one thing extra publishers have been doing as of late.

Is it serving to these publishers in search rankings?

Here’s what Mueller has to say.

Google’s John Mueller On Audio + Text Content

Unlike picture and video, Google doesn’t do something particular with audio content.

Audio content shouldn’t be processed individually by Google. At most it is likely to be seen as a bit of video content which might end in a video snippet.


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Mueller says, so far as what he is aware of, including an audio recording to a textual content put up doesn’t assist or harm rankings.

“As far as I do know we don’t do something with audio variations of content. We additionally wouldn’t see that as duplicate content, so it’s not that you’ve to keep away from that.

I imply, duplicate content itself isn’t one thing you actually have to keep away from, however even in case you wished to keep away from the scenario that you simply’re out of the blue rating for a similar issues with completely different items of content, the audio model is one thing that we, so far as I do know, wouldn’t even course of individually.

At most we’d see that as a bit of video content and present that additionally with a video snippet. But, basically, it wouldn’t assist or detract from a web page’s general rating.”


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Mueller is about to transfer on to one other query when an SEO named Robb Young jumps in to ask for clarification.

He asks: Doesn’t including an audio recording do something for SEO?

Is a web page not seen as greater high quality when it has textual content and audio as in contrast to simply textual content?

Mueller stays agency on the reply he initially offered. Google doesn’t view a web page as greater high quality as a result of it has a number of varieties of content.

However, there might be oblique advantages such because the web page getting shared round extra.

“I don’t think we would look at that and say: “oh there are different kinds of content here, it’s a better page because of that.”

It is likely to be that there are oblique results, like if customers discover this web page extra helpful they usually suggest it extra, that’s one thing that would have an impact.

But it’s not the case that we have a look at the categories of content on a web page and say: “oh there’s two types versus five types, the one with five types is better.””

Lastly, Mueller provides there are advantages related to including photographs and/or video to an internet web page as a result of these content varieties can every rank independently.

There’s no separate set of search rankings for audio content.

“I feel it’s a bit completely different with video and pictures in that photographs and video themselves can rank independently. Like in picture search and video search you’ll be able to have the identical piece of content be seen in these different surfaces. But for audio we don’t actually have a separate audio search the place that web page might additionally rank.

The closest that would come there’s the podcast search that we’ve, or the podcast one field factor, however that’s actually tied to the podcast content sort the place you’ve got a feed of podcast info and we will index it like that. But simply having audio on a web page by itself, I don’t suppose that will change something robotically in our techniques.”


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