Why you should start using Live videos in 2018

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    Videos are booming in popularity online, so many businesses have started leveraging it to drive traffic to their websites. The right videos can drive traffic, the wrong videos can also drive traffic (away from your site).   The right video tools is also crucial to our video making…

Stop your Facebook Advertising until you read this book!

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One out of every five minutes that people in the US are on their mobile devices is spent on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook ads are so effective because they easily capture the attention of the people you are targeting, so you can yield a great return on your investment (ROI)….

Rise above the Competition with Content Marketing

Content is still King! Let us help You tell Your story right! At Fluxx, we’re committed to creating the best content for your business so you can ‘Rise up above the competition with Content Marketing!’   Content Marketing on Biteable.   What Fluxx Content Marketing Offers: BLOGS CORPORATE BROCHURES EDITORIALS…


    We have heard the phrase ‘Content is King’. In recent years, content marketing has risen in importance as a main contributor to inbound marketing. Well if all these still sound hazy to you, fret not, in this post, we’ll decipher exactly why content marketing is beneficial to your…

Gone in 60 Seconds

(Picture credit: @thamkhaimeng on twitter)   How long is 60 seconds? 1 minute. What can you do in 1 minute? Pop a couple of tic-tacs into your mouth.. Run a quarter of a mile ( a la Four-minute Mile style).. Fall asleep on days when you’re exhausted..   We all…

Marketing 101 – How to Create Demand for Your Product (1)

Marketing really doesn’t have to be difficult or yucky. Marketing can be as simple as providing the information that your audience needs and wants about products and services that make their lives better. It’s really no different than if you told a friend about that great new vegan place downtown….