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Your website is so much more than a brochure describing your business. It is literally a goldmine waiting to happen. But, you have to set it up correctly.  You need plenty of calls to action and reasons to give people to want to be connected to you, buy your information or products, and even promote you. It all starts with your website.

We’ve compiled a list of must haves if you want your website to be a lead generation powerhouse, check them out here:


1. Lead Generation Software – Software like,, and are all good examples of lead generation software that can help you turn your sales pages into automated lead generation machines.

2. Autoresponder – You also need an autoresponder such as,, or to help you capture the leads that the awesome sales pages you create with the lead generation software garners you. This enables you to send automated messages and mass messages to those who are on your lists.

3. A Well-Made Website – There is a lot of discussion about what encompasses a really well-made website. But today, using tools like self-hosted WordPress ( is a great option. Even web designers are using the platform to build amazing websites that work for everything – from blogging sites, to a full e-commerce site with the entire litany of bells and whistles.


One valuable point to consider before promoting your website though, is to enhance your website with a free tool that gives good results, such as Theme Matcher.




4. Analytics – It’s really important to gather the intelligence necessary to keep attracting your audience and keep them coming back to your website. One way to do that is to check your numbers and work by the numbers. The data will show you what is working and what is not working, and will help guide you toward more success.

5. Awesome Content – That’s right, content is a tool for you to use to engage, entertain, educate and delight your audience, but it’s also a tool to use to attract traffic from search engines for your website. The content you create should be highly targeted information for your audience only. It should provide just the right information to show that you’re the one to provide them with what they need in that niche. Check out this link:

6. Targeted Lead Magnets – A lead magnet is usually a freebie that you create to give to leads to turn them into prospects. It’s a tried-and-true method of engaging with people to make them lifelong customers and fans of your business. It can be something super-simple like a checklist or a short report. As long as it’s targeted based on your audience, it will work.

7. A Solid Social Media Presence – You’ll need someplace to promote your content to help drive traffic. One way to do that is via social media. Thankfully, there are awesome tools that you can use to automate a lot of your social media marketing efforts. Tools like help get the word out.

8. A Product People Want – That’s right; you need to offer to your audience something they need and want. If you can define the problem and then present the solutions to the audience in such a way that they realize they want this and have always wanted it, you’ll be that much more successful.

Your website is just sitting there anyway. You may as well add these tools to your arsenal since they work. Once you have your website and all the infrastructure surrounding it set up, you’ll start collecting more leads – faster than you ever thought you could.