WordPress printed an article of their developer part proposing to refine WordPress’ default lazy loading conduct. Testing revealed that the proposed change improved a Core Web Vitals efficiency metric by a median common of seven% to as excessive as 33%.

Proposal to Improve Core Web Vitals in WordPress

The proposal states that superb grain management of the lazy loading attribute belongs within the fingers of theme builders.

That mentioned, it was discovered that by refining how the lazy loading is added by default leads to vital enhancements within the Core Web Vitals metric referred to as Largest Contentful Paint.

This is how the proposal describes the advance:

“Instead of lazy-loading all photographs and iframes by default, the very first content picture (additionally contemplating featured photographs) or content iframe shouldn’t be lazy-loaded.

This is a extra delicate default than what the present implementation makes use of, that on common and at scale will end in higher LCP efficiency out of the field, whereas preserving mandatory bandwidth low.”


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Lazy Loading and Largest Contentful Paint

Lazy loading is a means to velocity up the perceived obtain of a web page by delaying the obtain of internet web page components equivalent to photographs and iframes that aren’t wanted in the intervening time.

Using lazy loading, components like photographs that aren’t viewable within the web site customer’s browser display may be delayed by utilizing an HTML attribute referred to as the loading attribute.

An picture is a internet web page HTML component.

An HTML attribute is code that modifies an HTML component, like a picture.

The loading attribute modifies the picture, on this case, by telling the browser to delay downloading it.

The loading attribute tells the browser to delay downloading a picture, releasing the browser to obtain extra essential web page components which are instantly viewable to the web site customer.

This makes the web page interactive quicker for the location customer.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) measures how briskly picture and different components obtain within the web site guests viewport (the browser display that the customer sees).


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An picture is normally coded in HTML like this:

<img src="https://www.searchenginejournal.com/example.jpg" alt="example text">

Adding lazy loading is a easy matter of including the lazy load HTML attribute:

<img src="https://www.searchenginejournal.com/example.jpg" alt="example text" loading="lazy">

How WordPress 5.9 May Improve Largest Contentful Paint

The developer who printed the proposal to enhance LCP famous that as of WordPress 5.5 the core code added the lazy loading attribute by default to all photographs and iframes.

But that’s not ultimate as a result of the pictures on the prime of the web page, like logos and featured photographs, want to obtain to ensure that the online web page to develop into usable.

WordPress applied lazy loading like this as a result of it had no means to precisely exclude crucial photographs from receiving the lazy loading attribute.

The cause is as a result of all themes are coded in another way and this sort of granular exclusion is greatest carried out by the theme builders for that cause.

While the present WordPress implementation of default lazy loading was not ultimate, including lazy loading on this method is a clear enchancment over not including the loading attribute in any respect.

What’s being proposed represents a clear enchancment because the check outcomes listed under display.

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How WordPress Will Improve Largest Contentful Paint

What the WordPress developer crew is proposing is to exclude including the lazy loading attribute to the primary picture or iframe within the code.

The developer examined this technique on the highest 50 hottest WordPress themes and found that including it to the primary picture or iframe component supplied a median enchancment within the LCP Core Web Vitals rating by a median of seven%.

The developer subsequent examined how nicely LCP improved by including lazy loading to two components. The efficiency positive factors dropped by a median of two%, making it clear that excluding lazy loading from multiple component didn’t enhance LCP any higher.

These are a number of the findings:

“Omitting the primary content picture from being lazy-loaded resulted in a median LCP enchancment of seven% (1,877ms in contrast to 2,020ms with present core conduct) and a median picture bytes enhance of 0% (368KB in contrast to 369KB with present core conduct). → Omitting the primary content picture clearly leads to an LCP enchancment whereas not noticeably regressing on picture bytes saved.

Omitting the primary two content photographs from being lazy-loaded resulted in a median LCP enchancment of 5% (1,927ms in contrast to 2,020ms with present core conduct) and a median picture bytes enhance of two% (378KB in contrast to 369KB with present core conduct). → Omitting the primary two content photographs produces worse outcomes for each metrics than solely omitting the primary one, i.e. it’s higher to solely skip lazy-loading for the primary content picture, and due to this fact no extra checks with bigger numbers of photographs not being lazy-loading are wanted.”


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New WordPress Lazy Loading Test Results

  • 5% of themes within the check group scored LCP scores that had been 10% worse to as excessive as 21% worse.
  • 42% of the themes improved LCP scores from 10% to as excessive as a 33% higher.
  • Testing revealed that the advantages had been higher for almost all of the examined themes.

According to the WordPress proposal:

“While the median LCP improvement across all themes is only 7%, there are larger notable wins for a significant number of themes, while notable losses are minimal.”

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Googler Makes a Proof of Concept Plugin

A WordPress Core committer created a proof of concept (POC) patch in plugin form, presumably for debugging functions and printed it on GitHub.

It’s not an official WordPress plugin launch so it’s not advisable to rush out and set up it.

Official plugin releases are posted within the WordPress plugin repository.

When Will Refined Lazy Loading Arrive?

The timeline for the improved lazy loading conduct is at the moment set for WordPress 5.9.

WordPress 5.9 is at the moment set to be launched in December 2021.


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The proposal for the improved lazy loading characteristic is at the moment present process dialogue and has up to now met with a optimistic response within the feedback.

So until a at the moment unexpected subject arises, it is rather attainable that improved Largest Contentful Paint scores could also be coming to WordPress websites later this 12 months.


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