Almost every business has a website nowadays. The problem is how to attract website traffic. If your website has massive traffic, you have a better chance of educating your website visitors on why they need your product (or service), increasing their interest in you and turning them into sales lead generation for your business.


We’ve come up with some ideas that you may use to increase website traffic and turn your website into a profitable lead generating machine working 24 x 7 for you:


1.Add Multiple and Relevant Call-to-Action (CTA)s

Having only one CTA on the page in the form of a sign-up form is not enough to cater to website traffic. You need to put CTAs wherever your audience is looking. Under blog posts, under your about page content, above the fold on the landing pages, and homepage – all are great ways to improve your conversion rates and turn your website into a lead generation machine. One valuable point to consider before promoting your website though, is to enhance your website with a free tool that gives good results, such as Theme Matcher.


2 Add a Timed and Relevant Slide or Pop-Up

There is a love-hate relationship with pop-ups for most marketers. The problem is, they do work. Therefore, putting a timed slide from the bottom, or an exit pop-up, or both, can help encourage your site visitors to sign up for your newsletters or get a relevant lead magnet.


3.Change What’s Not Working

Before you change one thing on your site, do an audit. Find out what your conversion rates are for each page on your site. For the pages that have poor conversions, change them up to make them better. Often the problem is poor targeting; sometimes it’s just not having a CTA at all. Fix what is not working so that your website traffic can increase and your website becomes a lead generation machine.


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4. Use Analytics and online adervtising

Use Google Analytics to its full potential by considering hiring someone to help you use it right. The ways you can use it are so advanced that you really do need someone who is well versed in how to use it so that you can get the most from it. Connect analytics to your website, your autoresponder, use tracking links and more for the best results. Besides Google analytics, use online advertising such as Google Ad (formerly known as Google Adwords) to generate even more website traffic. You can easily learn how to run Google ads yourself or tap on short courses and tools on the internet, one such tool is PPC Academy, which helps you learn how to run successful online advertisement campaigns to drive massive traffic to your website without spending a bomb.


5. Use a Heatmap Tool

This type of tool enables you to actually find out exactly what your audience is looking at and clicking on when they come to your site. This can help you improve navigation tremendously.


6. Sales Management Tool

Even if your website is a lean mean lead generating machine, you need an effective sales management and automation tool. A funnel system is one useful sales automation tool that leads your website visitor deeper and deeper down the purchase process, from awareness, indoctrination, consideration to purchase. The best part is, everything is automated and triggered by web visitor behaviour. 


There you have it. Some simple steps to get started on. What’s your top tip for generating website traffic and leads? Do feel free to share with us and hop over to part 2 of this post for more tips on turning your website into a lead generating machine.


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