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In the last post, we’ve explored some ways of getting more traffic to your website and generating more leads. In case you missed it, you can read part 1 of this blog post here.

If your website isn’t generating leads for you, then you’re not doing it right. A website is supposed to be like your storefront on the web. In some cases, if you have solely an online business it is your storefront. Here, we share some more tips on how to drive massive website traffic to your website and generate more leads.


1.Consider promoting your website

Once you have your content, don’t forget to promote your website. There are a variety of ways to do it. One way you can do so is via traffic generating platforms, such as Growtraffic.com. It offers an affordable way of bringing traffic to your website without heavy costs. Another way of promoting your website is to use pay-per-click advertising (ppc), on search engine such as Google. Social media is also a good platform to increase your website traffic, for example, facebook traffic. Need some help in online advertising and ppc? Check out PPC academy here.

One valuable point to consider before promoting your website though, is to enhance your website with a free tool that gives good results, such as Theme Matcher.



2. Add In Live Chat

Sometimes people just want an answer immediately; you can provide that with properly trained live chat customer personnel a lot less expensively than you may think. Zoho.com offers software to enable you to offer live chat relatively inexpensively.

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3. Give Away Relevant Lead Magnets

Double check to ensure your lead magnets are relevant to your audience. You can actually offer more than one lead magnet depending on the content that your audience is reading at the time. This proves to offer huge results. For example, if your audience is reading a blog post about journaling, you could offer a free journal template for MS Word as a lead magnet. It really is that simple.


4. Add More Testimonials

People love reading testimonials from others who have used your products or services. Try to make it part of your follow-up to receive them. When you get a new customer, set up an automatic survey to be sent after they’ve had enough time to sample your products and services and ask for the testimonial.

* Add Case Studies – Another way to get people interested in your offerings is to create case studies. You can write them up or you can do interviews with successful people who have used your products and services, or a similar method.

* Use Multiple Forms of Content – Everyone learns and digests information differently. Therefore, having content in many forms such as text, video, images, graphics, and so forth will help everyone learn about what you can do for them in a way that they understand.

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5 Test Everything

When you create a new landing page, a sales page, a freebie or something else that needs to bring traffic or convert traffic, always double check that your assumptions are correct by testing. If you do split testing (meaning to offer two different versions of it), you’ll be able to improve and get better results over time. Finally, always ensure that your website works across all platforms. Not only should people be able to read what you’re offering, they should have no issues with buying right from their smartphone. Mobile website traffic is as important, if not, more important than desktop website traffic, with everyone going mobile and owning smartphones nowadays.


What other tips do you have for driving website traffic? Or what are your struggles? We’d love to hear from you. If you missed the first instalment of this post, hop over here to read it.


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