With over 2 billion users globally, Social Media is essential for businesses to reach potential customers.


Social media marketing is time consuming and frustrating when  you see little results:

                                                  'How do I increase followers on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or instagram?'                                                                                                                            'How to turn followers into paying customers?'                                                                                'Do I need a huge budget on advertising?'


For visible results at affordable budget, you need a strategy for Social Media Marketing.

We help small businesses maximise exposure, increase brand awareness, engage audience, grow sales.

Let us help you tap on social media to build your brand and increase sales. 


What we do:

Establish Your Social Media Presence
We start by identifying which social media platforms work best for you. Then we help establish your presence through optimizing your profiles.
Create Captivating Content

Content is King. We help you develop content strategies and contents to keep your Social Media profiles captivating. By writing, graphics to videos, we deliver engaging contents to attract followers.

Nurture your Community

We help you grow and keep your community loyal with campaigns and engagements; manage your social PR, monitor trends and competition.

What you get:

Cost Effective Marketing

Through market research and competitor analysis, we formulate a cost-efficient content strategy and media plan to build your social media presence.

Quality Marketing Services

Our team of writers, designers, digital marketing specialists ensures your content is fresh, relevant and engaging. This attracts quality leads and sales for your business.

You're in control

You'll get reports on your campaign performance and fan base. So you'll know the amount spent, keywords and targeting used to get your leads.

How social media marketing benefits your business 

Increase Brand Awareness

To maximise exposure, let your brand reach masses of people on the most visited platforms 24 x 7.

Precision Targeting

Run promotions to your target audience based on age, gender, location & other factors.

Sustainable Marketing

Affordable budget with the flexibility to choose the amount to spend and how to spend.

Enhance SEO

Build thousands of natural links which improve your website SEO and visibility.

Analyse and Refine

Track your campaign with detailed reporting to know exactly how and where the leads come from.

Online PR

Leverage on social media to enhance your online reputation so as to grow brand loyalty.

Complete Social Media Package

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Check out our Social Media Packages below.

Basic solution for start ups, solo-entrepreneurs

Profile set up (1 platform)

Basic Content Research and development

Content creation (text, graphics)

Content posting and monitoring (2 per week)

Updates and interaction

Social replies and monitoring

Basic Statistics and reporting (monthly)

Amped up solution for small businesses expanding

Profile set up and optimisation (2 platforms)

Content research and development

Content creation (text and graphics)

Content posting and monitoring (3 per week)

Account management (replies, comments)

Focused Audience research and targeting

Industry and Competitor research

Social reputation management

Monthly reporting and insights

Support over email and chat

Integrated marketing for SME

Profile set up and optimisation (4 platforms)

Content Strategising

Content research and development

Content posting and monitoring (5 per week)

Account management (replies, comments)

In depth audience analytics

Customised copy writing for all posts

Industry and competitor research

Integrated social branding and marketing

Advanced analytics and reporting

Top-notch support via email, chat, phone.

Social reputation management

Can't find a suitable package?

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