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Fluxx was born with the mission to provide high-quality marketing services to small and medium businesses. We offer a range of services to present an integrated multi-channel marketing solution for growing your presence and sales. We are all about helping you in creating an impact when connection with your audience through social media, digital media, design and marketing services.

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9 Inbound Marketing Techniques That Get Results

  9 Inbound Marketing Techniques That Get Results The entire point of inbound marketing is to attract, engage and delight your audience to create more customers with a bigger lifetime value. The lifetime value of one customer is equal to the amount of each product in your product funnel. Some…

How to turn your website into a lead generation machine 1

  Almost every business has a website nowadays. The problem is how to attract website traffic. If your website has massive traffic, you have a better chance of educating your website visitors on why they need your product (or service), increasing their interest in you and turning them into sales…

How to Discover What Videos Your Audience Prefers

  How to Discover What Type of Videos Your Audience Prefers (and Make Them Take Action) There are a number of ways to offer your audience the kind of videos they prefer. The easiest way to discover what they want is to ask them. Use Your Email Marketing List Survey…