FLUXX, in a nutshell

Fluxx is a boutique marketing agency providing affordable high-quality marketing services  to small and medium businesses. Our services are designed to present an integrated multi-channel marketing solution for growing your presence and sales. We are all about helping you to increase your brand awareness which in turn increases sales; through social media, digital and marketing services. 


Our Expertise – Not just digital!

While we’re passionate about digital marketing (and social media), we recognise that the future of marketing is in integrating online with offline channels. With years of marketing and communications experience in various industries, we are able to customise our services to your needs and budget.  So feel free to come to us for help in design, collateral production, direct marketing, special events and promotions.


We understand your needs – Really!

Having worked with numerous companies, from enterprises, small medium businesses, to start-ups, we understand the different needs and budgets of different organisations. Throughout the years, we’ve helped small and medium businesses and start-ups conceptualise and execute marketing strategies and campaigns that achieve high ROI with low cost. 


We deliver integrated and innovative marketing solutions customised to your business needs.